Purchase Bethesda Merch at PAX Prime

Earlier this week we announced that the Bethesda Store will be setting up shop at PAX Prime. Today we’re happy to reveal the full rundown of available items, including new DOOM plushies of the Cacodemon (above) and Pain Elemental.

After the break, you’ll get a full rundown of what’s at the store. Note: Not all items are yet available on the online store.

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • ESO Faction Tees
  • Ouroboros Tee
  • ESO Faction Lithographs
  • ESO Shot Glass


  • Dark Brotherhood ‘We Know’ Tee
  • Alduin’s Wall Hoodie
  • Imperial Dragon Hoodie
  • Alduin’s Wall Lithograph
  • ‘I Hate Morndas’ Coffee Mug
  • Dragonborn Statue
  • Skyrim Shot Glass
  • Imperial Dragon Messenger Bag


  • Vintage Tee
  • WayShack Print
  • Pain Elemental Plushie
  • Cacodemon Plushie
  • Doom Reaper Miniatures


  • Wolfenstein: The New Order Logo Tee
  • Wolfenstein Original Logo Tee
  • Wolfenstein Shot Glass


  • September’s Vault Boy of the Month Tee — Cannibal Perk Tee (more details next week)
  • Bloody Mess Tee
  • NCR Tee
  • Vault Tec Tee
  • Vault Tec “Hard Work is Happy Work’ Long Sleeve Tee
  • Vault 101 Hoodie
  • Vault Boy Mug
  • Vault Boy Watch
  • Vault Tec Messenger Bag


  • Dishonored ‘Outsider Mark’ Tee
  • Dishonored Giclee


  • The Evil Within Tee
  • Bethesda Retro Tee
  • Quake Shot Glass

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