ESO Roundup: Emote Contest & more!

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Reader Comments

  1. You guys are missing a ton of emotes. I mean this barely scratches the surface. I suggest you check out the SWG and LOTRO emote lists and get back to work.

    That being said, that Argonian looks INCREDIBLE.

  2. I dont see Bethesda having an Issue with being able to UP their Graphic System, because if a mere Modder can make ENB Mods for Skyrim, then im sure someone at Bethesda can make a Graphic System like MMO

  3. Besides, wheres the Next Bethesda Game anyway or Fallout 4 (not that i care) Bethesda is watching TESO so they can take Notes and then after TESO is released, we might get TESVI as a Surprise.