Now Available: The Elder Scrolls Anthology in North America

Celebrate the Elder Scrolls today with the release of The Elder Scrolls Anthology — available today on PC in North America for $79.99 (and $89.99 in Canada). The same package will be available in European territories this Friday for €59.99 / £49.99 / $89.99 AUD.

Specific to US residents, those that purchase this week at, or will receive a $10 gift card/credit.

In case you missed our announcement post, this premium box set (shown above) includes all five main games from the series – Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind Game of the Year, Oblivion Game of the Year, and Skyrim Legendary Edition – as well all the official add-ons and expansions.

And with today’s release, feel free to vote for your favorite Elder Scrolls game in the poll to the right, and share any of your favorite memories from the series in the comments section.

Reader Comments

  1. Even though I’m saving up for a solid gaming PC, I decided to get this to be able to experience all the TES titles.

    Looking forward to see what the Morrowind fuss is all about.

  2. Thank you, Bethesda for giving us this grand collection! I have been waiting for the complete Elder Scrolls collection to come down from the Heavens for years! Me and my son will have hundreds of hours to enjoy all this fantastic gaming goodness. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Will the German version available on the have content (maps, manuals and in-game dialogs and text) in English or it will be completely German? I tried to buy this from US and UK Amazon, but they don’t ship games to Serbia.

  4. Wow. Just wow.

    This is epic. Imagine playing through all of these back to back? That’s got to be well over one calendar years worth of solid gaming. I’m almost sorry I still have all of my original games with disks and maps 😉

    • The discs are the same as the original discs, so Skyrim uses Steam, Oblivion has a disc check, etc, etc.

      Worth noting, we made it so the Steam key for Skyrim also unlocks Morowind/Oblivion GOTY.

      • Does this mean Morrowind won’t run from the CDs without Steam activation? Further: does it mean the content is the same as the version available on Steam? I understand that’s not identical to the original releases.

        I loathe Steam, and I’m sure many other long-time ES fans feel the same way. Bad enough being forced to use it for Skyrim. If I have to use it for my all-time favorite game, Morrowind, that would be a show-stopper.

        • No. If you run fro the original discs, you can play it just as you remember, and you can get the original Construction Kit installation disc.

          Providing Steam versions of Morrowind and Oblivion is just a bonus we threw into the Anthology. Folks that prefer to play Oblivion & Morrowind through their steam library receive a complimentary versions.

  5. To those who think that the Arena in this is the CD version – it’s not. It’s just the floppy disk version (what you’ve all been downloading from since 2004). Bethesda – why did you chuck the floppy disk version on the DVD?