Arkane ramping up for what’s next

With Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition ready for release in October, Arkane Studios is ramping up on what comes next — next-gen development. While we can’t talk about what’s on the horizon, we wanted to let prospective game developers know that they’re already building up their team for the next project.

Two key new positions opened up for Arkane’s Austin-based studio, a Lead Tech Programmer and a Tools Programmer. In addition to these new positions, the Austin office is hiring a wide range of additional art and engineering positions. Get a full rundown here.

Over in the Eastern Hemisphere, Arkane Studios France is hiring for their Lyon office. Positions include Level ArchitectLevel DesignerSystems Designer, and Senior AI Programmer.

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Reader Comments

  1. I am most happy things are going fabulous for Arkane and that future looks and sounds much promising too.I have believed in their worth and uniqueness as a developer from their early days,and when they secured their collaboration with ZENIMAX, I just totally knew they would be in good company from then on.

    So,my best and warmest wishes from the heart for more smoking hot rocking games from Arkane.I love you guys!(cry).

  2. This would be exciting news had Bethesda not cancelled Human Head’s Prey 2 and forced Arkane Austin to use the name for their new IP. If you fire the developer of the Prey franchise because they wouldn’t sell their studio to Zenimax and then throw the brand on a new title that has nothing to do with what Human Head planned it, shows you have no respect for the franchise. Man, what horrible people!

    • Canceled? It was never canceled. It’s delayed, if it was canceled, we would know. Plus the site still says it’s under Human Head, and technically Zenimax can’t sign another team the Franchise as Human Head owns it. Zenimax is a really good company, they let companies do what they want usually, as long as they know what they are doing. Human Head has had this same situation with the original Prey, so it’s not Zenimax at fault.

      If there was any company I would want under Zenimax, it’s Obsidian, that way they can make the Fallout Spin-offs easier, and maybe even their own franchises under Zenimax.

      • So wrong there. Bethesda owns the Prey franchise, they bought the licence in 2009, Human Head owns the source code and some new features id software did not make. They had a major falling out.

        None of Prey 2’s original creators have physically touched the game in almost two years. For whatever reason Bethesda has decided not to tell the developers they won’t be allowed to finish it. Or inform fans that the game many have pre-ordered and are still excited for won’t be seeing the light of day. Human Head did not have this problem with the original Prey. They delivered an excellent game in under 5 years (late 2001 to mid 2006). An understaffed 3D Realms, and creative differences with Rockstar Games were the reasons behind the delays. Zeni has no problem with this as they’ve hired Prey’s producer, Jason Bergman to work on New Vegas and the Evil Within.

        Zenimax not only tried to buy them, but force them to do so by rejecting milestones while offering loans that would place H.H. in an untenable position. They did the same thing to Arkane, and tried to do the same thing to Obsidian, Inxile and Splash Damage.

        They make great games, but are about as nasty as you’ll find in the games industry. Arkane Austin doesn’t seem too happy with throwing away a great game, since members of the team have stood up for Human Head and leaked emails to the press showing how cruel Raphael Colantonio and Bethesda’s management really are. Think Zenimax is upset with Bethesda for only creating one great new franchise (Dishonored), everything else they’ve tried has been either an acquisition or a colossal failure.

  3. My hopes are that as Arkane is a subsidiary of Zenimax who also owns Bethesda, the ones who are mostly famed for Fallout that this “next project” will be Fallout 4, this time made by Zenimax as they did a great job with Dishonored and Bethesda is currently busy with Wolfenstein: A New Order and The Evil Within. Fingers crossed.