Game Series of the Decade? You decide! (Updated)

Update: We’re thrilled to see your votes helped The Elder Scrolls win Greatest Game Series of the Decade!

The final round of Gamespot’s “Greatest Game Series of the Decade” has reached the finals and it’s down to The Elder Scrolls and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto. Incidentally, The Elder Scrolls had to advance past Fallout in the final four to reach the final.

Make your choice here.

Reader Comments

  1. Too bad GameSpot decided to toss the voting under the rug. They never announced the finalists even three days after it ended. It’s like they are treating as if it never happened. 😮 TES deserves to win, woo hoo!

  2. Normally I would have wanted TES to win but after the “Rimlag” debacle I went for GTA. Minus that it was hard choosing between two of my favourite series.