Updated Dishonored Tarot Deck for GameStop/EB Pre-Orders

Beginning today on GameStop.com (and EB Games Canada), folks that pre-order Dishonored Game of the Year Edition will receive our special edition ‘Game of the Year’  Tarot cards.

Like a traditional Tarot deck, the package includes 78 cards, as well as instructions to play one of Dunwall’s most popular card games, The Game of Nancy. If you already have the Tarot Deck released with the original release of the game, the new Tarot deck features 13 all-new cards. New cards include memorable characters from Dishonored’s add-ons — including Delilah, Billie Lurk, and Lizzy Stride.

Reader Comments

  1. … Went to preorder… A-and they do not deliver to Russia. Not a chance even with shipping proxy, cause they do not accept my billing address. Kinda sad, but, I guess, I’ll save money. Maybe the bonus cards will be awailable on ebay later.

    • How so?

      It’s not an enhanced deck. It has the same number of cards as the original deck. Some of the cards are different now because the DLCs added new characters to the game’s universe.

      The game itself is enhanced, as one year later, there’s more content in the game.

      • You’re right, there is now more content in the game — and I already bought every bit of it on (or before) the first day it was available.

        Now everyone like me is being told that’s earned us the special honor of paying for all of it a second time if we’d like to have the special treat you’ve cooked up for those late to the party.

        But hey, this is no surprise. I understand you’re in business to make money.