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  1. I like them overall, but I play as a Dark Elf (all of the time) and usually prefer a more pronounced and asymmetrical breast/ shoulder area, thinner armor on the stomach, and boots with a bold calf, heel and toe… Guess I’m just nitpicking… but, while I’m at it… Those Wood Elven swords are beast; can’t help but think there should be a slightly larger and more elaborate hilt on the Dark Elven sword though (a bit* more bulk wouldn’t hurt either); I also call for longer groin pieces… looks cooler…

    • Actually the Dunmer one does make sense. It’s definitely based off Skyrim’s Ebony armor, and Ebony is a primary resource of Morrowind.

      Although a traditional Morrowind armor like bonemold or Indoril makes more sense.

      • I know what it’s based off of– I’ve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind (PC). It’s one thing to make sense; it’s another to be aesthetically pleasing. Granted, they probably won’t be able to make everyone happy, especially with every minor (or major) detail, but… I know what I do and don’t like, so here’s to hoping I’m happy with the finished product.