Blink and you may have missed these…

Granny Rags by mr-zlobsky on DeviantArt

What is it about “idle hands”? We’ve been receiving some stunning Dishonored fan art over the past few weeks.

Recently on Vine, Arkane’s Harvey Smith received a video showing off a functional switchblade sword that Corvo would be jealous of.

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Tumblr user, richard-winters portrays a very convincing Delilah Copperspoon.


DishonoramaFinal.FBXAzzaMat on Sketchfab [Click Image to Enlarge] has created a beautiful 3D diorama of this guard’s final moments

The bloody aftermath of a guard’s introduction to Corvo by yinfaowei on DeviantArt

We leave you with a Corvo dance number, brought to you by deejuggle on Tumblr.