Quake Live Update

This week the QUAKE LIVE team has added to new maps and game features to the game — courtesy of Premium Pack 19. Details below…

Future Crossings

Making its way to QUAKE LIVE from Quake 3 Arena, Future Crossings makes its debut from author Dan “Scancode” Gold. As the name implies, Future Crossings takes place in a futuristic space base. The flag sits alone in the middle of the base on the mid-level, surrounded by both higher and lower ground, making for unpredictable escape routes. Teams will fight for the Quad Damage in the middle, with armor serving as a sniper roost for people wishing to ply their Railgun skills. Future Crossings is now available for play in all flag-based gametypes and Race.

Gospel Crossings

Gospel Crossings is a Capture the Flag arena that takes the fight to multiple levels of a gothic cathedral. Created by Dan “Scancode” Gold, Gospel Crossings is another classic CTF arena returning to QUAKE LIVE. Defenders will find a multitude of ways in and out that they have to defend, especially the jumppad leading from the bottom level behind the flag. A Quad Damage is up for grabs in the middle, but a fog pit is the only thing waiting to greet players. Gospel Crossings is available in all flag-based gametypes, Domination, and Race.


Railyard (shown above) has been rebuilt from the ground up, new exclusively for QUAKE LIVE. Formerly known as Silly Railings by Dan “Scancode” Gold, Railyard is a small Capture the Flag arena where all the action takes place in one room. Stacks of crates are available for cover, with jumppads behind them for popping up and railing. Nothing but some abandoned railroad tracks separates the two teams. Railyard is available in all flag-based gametypes, Race, and definitely excels for small One Flag CTF matches.

For additional changes arriving with the new update, rocket jump past the link below.

Premium Game Modes

QUAKE LIVE is now hosting public premium servers for the Domination and Attack & Defend game modes, making these game modes readily available to our Premium players.

Game Changes

  • Direct hits from projectile weapons will no longer be sometimes incorrectly detected as 0 distance splash damage hits.
  • Fixed a force model bug with Orbb that would cause him to not scale properly.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to play the optional training skill test.
  • Improved tracking of g_startingHealthBonus and g_weaponRespawnTime when callvoting between rulesets.
  • Added timeout/pause support to RACE.
  • Fixed “in in” typo in the race finish message.
  • Death POI icons now scale according to cg_drawFriendMaxWidth and cg_drawFriendMinWidth.
  • Network cvar changes:
    • ‘rate’ now defaults to ‘25000’ and is a latched cvar, requiring a game restart before a new value can take effect.
    • ‘cl_maxpackets’ now defaults to ‘125’ and is a latched cvar, requiring a game restart before a new value can take effect.

Arena Changes

  • Updated Delirium
    • Added 3 x 25 hp
    • Added 2 extra spawns for duel, and another 2 more for TDM/FFA
    • Added elevator to lower YA area
    • Fixed LG->RA teleporter not working in TDM
    • Replaced stairs with elevators at RA and MH areas]
    • Opened up lower RA area
    • 2-way teleporter at RA changed to 1-way
    • Lower YA teleporter now exits at upper MH
    • New teleporter in mid which exits at the old YA teleporter exit
    • Some areas re-made for a cleaner / different look
    • Weapon clip added to bumpy ground to increase effectiveness of rocket splash damage
    • Lots of small tweaks to make the map faster and more fluid
  • Updated Eye to Eye
    • Increased spawncount to prevent server crashes in large team games
  • Updated Repent
    • Fixed shader file that was breaking Repent’s item decals.
  • Updated Terminatria
    • Multiple texture and clipping fixes
    • Performance improved
    • Duel mode made smaller, with item layout changes to suit

If you haven’t played QUAKE LIVE yet, visit the official site to register and start playing for free. For regular updates, follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

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