ESO Update – New Wallpaper & Emote Contest Winner

Happy Morndas, TES fans! Today we have two notable updates from to share.

First, be sure to download the newest wallpaper for the game — showcasing art from The Crow’s Wood. As one of the more dangerous locales you’ll visit in the game, the foreboding image provides the perfect Halloween makeover for your desktop.

Elsewhere on the official site, the ESO team has announced the winner of the the ESO Emote Creation Contest. Congratulations to Trevor Baggett, whose Honor/Dishonor concept was selected as the grand prize winner. As the winner, his concept will now be adapted and used in game. Watch his submission below, and see more submissions here.

Reader Comments

  1. Cool wallpaper, but THAT is the emote winner?

    I don’t get it. First off he didn’t even really demonstrate the emote and secondly this is already taken care of with emotes like /bow and /spit or other things like that you can do to an enemy’s corpse. Super dumb and super redundant. For the record I didn’t make an entry but I saw plenty that were way way better, more interesting and would have added more to the game.

    Sometimes I gotta wonder what Zeni is thinking…