ESO ‘Ask Us Anything’ – Variety Pack 9

Read answers to ESO questions sent in from TESO Junkies and Tamriel Foundry at Here’s a snippet of this week’s feature:

How do you intend to make each Alliance War campaign feel persistent? Will campaigns last forever, or will they change from time to time, and will the enemies rotate?

Campaigns last for three months at a time, so you’ll find yourself running into familiar faces during them. Also note that you won’t get rotated out or switched to other campaigns unless you choose to; you’ll be able to stay in the same campaign for the entire time your character exists if you want! When a campaign ends, the only things that reset are its leaderboards and the score. Keeps, Scroll ownership, emperor status, and where you are in the world don’t get reset. It gives a great sense of persistence when only the scoring mechanics “reset.”

Reader Comments

  1. Will ESO have some Features and Campaigns into TESVI aswell, like the Character Creation as an Example fir what clearly will be in TESVI

  2. Wish to know why you went over Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard in making something that mocks his teams great work I’m sure I want get a response other than the usual .

  3. A thought has occurred to me

    Will there be more TES Games, or has Todd thrown down the Gauntlets and decide ESO is the Final in the Lore since you visit All of Nirn, so why waste time on the rest of the Lands in separate TES Games.

    Summerset Isles
    Black Marsh

  4. ESO is a Big World that covers All of Tamriel, will it Always be Populated even when someone dies and the House is Empty or i just killed someone at the Stall, will there be someone in their place, because Skyrim is very Empty after you kill some People, so will TES6 be Re-populated aswell, since Helgen and Winterhold is a Joke.