Happy 5th Birthday, Fallout 3

Five years ago today, Fallout 3 released in North America. To celebrate the occasion, share your favorite #Fallout3Memories with our official Twitter account for Bethesda Game Studios – @BGS_Devs.

Related, Eurogamer recently put up a new feature highlighting the game as one of the best games of this generation. Elsewhere, GamesTM ranked the game #1 in their list of 50 Defining Games of This Console Generation, and Todd Howard commented on the honor here.

Reader Comments

  1. Earlier this summer Microsoft announced the upcoming death of Games for Windows LIVE, and recently GFWL been patched out from older LIVE games like Bioshock 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum and become Steamworks games instead with steam achievements and so on. It would be very nice if the same happened with Fallout 3 too.

  2. There was a 6 year lapse between Oblivion’s release and Skyrim’s… sooooo… are we one year from a Fallout 4 release? 😀

  3. Happy Birthday and i suppose the announcement of Fallout 4 will come soon witch i dont care about, since i want TES6 instead 😀

  4. Wow, can’t believe it’s already five. They grow up so fast! I can’t wait for Bethesda Game Studio’s next “creation”.

  5. Fallout 3 is an iconic game I just hope that Bethesda could some how bind fallout and skyrim together to make an ultimate fallout 4

    For example fallout 3s badass attitude and twisted gore but add the seem less graphics of skyrim and more straight forward story line

    But still wow 5 years since I passed my G.O.A.T

  6. I love fallout with all of my heart and I own everything fallout I have beaten fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas and I still play every day I love Bethesda and they are the best at making games and I hope they never quit.

  7. Fallout 3 was the first video game i finished where i really felt connected to the game world through my character’s actions. i felt like i’d made an impact before – i felt like a hero. the arc of your introduction to the world and involvement in its conflicts was perhaps the best of any Fallout game, something they kinda missed in New Vegas.

  8. Wow!! 5 years, already? It would be nice to see GFWL patched out from FO3 altogether. I got the GOTY-edition on DVD (for all DLC’s) and the main game on Steam. When I get a new computer, I intende to get the various Mods for the little extra kick (weather with rain etc., more detailed textures and so on). Another wishful thinking would be FO3 in 64-bit, and using multiple processors.