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  1. I have a Question about the Haters of ESO, if this Game Flops, how Financially Bad will it hurt Bethesda or Zenimax, because there was a Game called Lord of the Rings Conquest that wasent an MMO Game, but within its Year, the Company got Bankrupt and All the Employees lost their Jobs over the Failure of the Game that was Riddled with Bugs where they shouldve sticked with Lord of the Rings the White Counsel, an RPG Game like a TES Game.

    • Daventry to be very straight up with this the game will bomb because it lacks everything that makes the series great that only Todd Howard and his Team can do.If Zenimax would have really listened to the fans CO-Play set in all of Tameril not factions ,forced level up ,MMO its a darn generic Star Wars NOTR meets World of Warcraft meets Everquest…..etc.When you take all the experince out of the game from to player the player so loses interest in the game and soon leaves it .Ive been with this series since Daggerfall and have loved all of Bethesda Game Studios Games this game makes me utterly sick to my stomach because of the epic failure written on it Failure=(Lack of Creativity,Style,Story,Etc.)To those who defend this game by years end of release we’ll see if its still around .

  2. What saddens me the most is how all the Effort and Quality is going to be put into this ESO Game, but the Next TES Game will be like Skyrim, Short and Useless Towns called Cities like Winterhold and Helgen.

    TES6 will be Riddled with Bugs where Arthmoor and Modders have to once again Beta Fix their Broken Game and come up with Better Quests and Endings, plus return the cut content that Bethesda thinks its not needed.

    Bethesda is Afraid to Challenge themselves, to make great Quests and Stories, i mean the MQ in Skyrim was so Lame that Alduin the World Eater was a Joke and Nobody in Skyrim cared that you just saved Skyrim from the World Eater.

    What made Bethesda think to stab us in the back when they thought they are Done with Skyrim when there are so much Potential in the Game and so much Story from Characters where the Quest just Ends.

  3. I personally don’t look that excited for ESO,i think it will spoil everything for future TES games (TES VI,…),if this was a single-player TES game with this armours,weapons,all provinces,etc…that would be epic but since is one more MMO,i have to say….i got my share of MMO’s,so grinding and all thanks 🙂 lol ; plus there is bugs,z-fighting crap issue that BGS never fixes and never will..fps problems(rofl),saying that 2 DLC’s will be exclusive for Xbox 360 for 30 days and in the end was the 3 DLC’s exclusive for 30 days on Xbox BIG LOL!!! (i love liers…..not) and no more content with so much possible DLC’s that could have….skyrim big fail,modders fixing the game and creating mods,i personally have skyrim for pc but don’t like to use mods cause it makes the athmosphere of the game feel less TES,if kinda understand that…anyway bla bla bla,you got my point.
    Can’t wait for Witcher 3 and DA3 <3!!

    • You do realize that Bethesda hired an external company to handle the main development and TLC of the game and servers right? A company that focuses on MMO style games.

  4. When is the Release Date of ESO, because i have a feeling thats when we will hear about the Next Title from Bethesda, weather its Fallout 4 (Barf) or TES6 😀

  5. I have a Question and Suggestion about Character Creation for ESO and TES6

    In the TES Games, you start as a Prisoner in one Region or Location, so what im wondering and asking is, can we please Create a Character that puts us in their ESO Homeland as a Prisoner or TES6 Race Settlement.

    So now a New Game with each New Race from a Different starting point and its own little Prisoner story, starts there.

    I mean, lets for once start the Game Differently with your Race Prisoner in His/Her Settlement.

  6. Hey Zenimax and Bethesda, when we become a Were Creature from our Chosen Race, can we please for the love of Talos become the Were Creature our Race is, instead of everyone looking like a Werewolf.

    Kahjiit Werewolf, meet Kahjiit Were Cat.

    I understand the Nords/Imperials/Bretons/Redguards would actually look like a Werewolf because of their Human like form, but for Orcs/High Elves and Wood Elves, they should look like their Race Creature type.

  7. Forgot to add, im not sure in ESO and TES6 if we will become a Vampire lord again, so i suppose that option is out of the question, because the Vampire Lord in Skyrim closely resembled an Orc

  8. Ugh, wheres the Edit Button on this Blog Site.

    I totally forgot about the Argonians, since they would almost look Dragon like as Were Kamodo Dragon