PC Gamer explores ESO

It’s getting to be the time of year where everyone focuses on what titles are coming out around the holiday season. PC Gamer (US) has placed The Elder Scrolls Online on the front of their Holiday 2013 issue! In addition to gracing the cover, PC Gamer has a nine-screenshot filled pages article going into detailing their exploration of the Khajiit homeland, Elsweyr.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy on newsstands now!

Reader Comments

    • The “secrets” they’re talking about are just the recent redaction of the Half Life 3 trademark, which just tells you it isn’t coming any time soon, or it was just a hoax in the first place. Hardly anything to get worked up about, unfortunately.

  1. My goodness what a epic mess of a game to cover.PC Gamer Magazine you can print better than this Im sure .Half Life would have been better to put on a cover .

    • And one last thing it isnt better than Skyrim,Oblivion,Morrowind,or any future TES titles in the works.The game misses so many great points Regardless if its a MMO or not .Bring on the trolls.

      • I don’t get it… I’ve literally beat all main TES titles more than twice and I really, really don’t get what you’re ssaxing. IMO, it looks awesome!

        • His points make no sense at all. How is this game hindering the ES franchise when it has nothing really to do with the single player games? Its not taking away from the development time of the single player games, Its not mocking the single player games in anyway. If anything, its helping get more fans on-board which in turn is a good thing for the ES franchise…

          Yet every ESO news post, he comes to say the same thing, and hes not a troll? lol

          • Kahsajara give me three reasons why I shouldnt speak up about a game that mocks every last little thing TES is about regardless of MMO status .You cant of course and it make any cents right.For the record Im a flamer not a troll.I dont hate what the game could be about just it misses out on what talent Todd Howard snd his team are about.I dont like when Im paying Twice for a game ,forced to have to choose sides when i start and yes Skyrim did this at the start of the game,forced to level up to 30 to get anywhere.Kahsajar Im not a troll who critques other comments so maybe the troll is:)

  2. I have a Question about the TES Games, must Bethesda release a TES Game in One Region every 6 Years or can they release a Region Game while making the other a DLC

    How did it work with Daggerfall and Morrowind

    The reason i ask is because there are 4 Tamriel Regions for TES Games to be made and it will take 30 Years or so where some of us will be too Old.

    Elsweyr and Valenwood are like right next of each other while Summerstet Isle and Blackmarsh can be made Separate or have Summerset and Valenwood be a Game and DLC with Elsweyr and Blackmarsh being a Game and DLC

    Think about it Gstaff and ask Todd to make it happen please

  3. Cool, I’ve been meaning to read that magazine one of these days. Might activate a free trial just to read that magazine 😛

    BTW Bethblog mods, don’t worry about the whiners below, most people actually do support the games you make. People like to come here to complain because it’s semi-official and they think incoherent flaming will change anything.

  4. I am a big gamer and all my life i have nevr heard of the HALFlife franchise so it cant be that good. Also ESO looks amazing i dont know why people are so down on it, seriously people!

    • @ Kahlil Well you must be realllly young, Half-life was epic for its time, just like counter strike was the original COD well before it’s time…..

    • Kahsajara your right it has nothing with the single player series.And your also right about not taking away from development time from the single player series.The game wasnt made Bethesada Game Studios because (Todd Howard hates MMOs he said so in video).I hate what theyre doing to this beloved series trying to turn it into controlled cash cow that will over time ruin the series over time.People are complaining on facebook,MMO forums all over the place.I for one really want them to change the game for the better of the players but ZeniMax only sees dollar signs this kind of thinking its whats ruined many MMO over the years.Some can agree or disagree with me. I for one dont care my hate for greed and stupity want ever go away.So give me 3 reasons why i should quit flaming on them Kahsajara and I will .

      • I think one reason is that ZeniMax Online has continually listened to player feedback — inside and outside of beta — and made changes to the game based on TES fan feedback. Changed character models, first person controls, and a single-player TES-influenced UI are a few reasons.

        • I feel honored to have G staff even posted at all after a the ranting Ive done.As a man of my word I want rant anymore .Unless someone trolls my comments again.Until then G staff Ill be around.