ESO ‘Ask Us Anything’: Variety Pack 11

At, learn more about campaigns, lockpicking, and more in the newest ‘Ask Us Anything’.

Here’s a snippet…

When you are picking a lock, will another player be able to kill you while you’re trying to open it? – Brenden Warren

Tamriel is a dangerous place. If you let your guard down while you focus on lockpicking, you might get attacked. Enemy NPCs might do this anywhere in the world, and hostile players will love the opportunity to surprise you in Cyrodiil. But then again, you never know what loot might be in that chest … maybe it’s worth bringing a friend to watch your back

Reader Comments

  1. Lets see Monthly payments,forced factions,MMO except main quest which maybe last 20 hrs.Man this sounds like a MMO I want to spend 65.00 plus monthly subscriptions on.Maybe the next TES will be better than this joke of a Elder Scrolls game.

  2. Elder Scrolls Online. Does that mean that it will be a computer game only. Or will it be online with consoles like PS3/4 and XBOX 360/ 1. Is it just another Guild Wars or WOW rip off. Being on a console would be the only reason this game would be truly special. When is elderscrolls VI coming. Skyrim is awesome. I’ve played it several times over and still can’t get enough. Can’t wait for the next one.