Dragons are Forever

Recently, via Twitter, we learned how Skyrim fan Caleb Gayle proposed to his fiancé, Dara, with a ring inscribed with Dragon language. We recently caught up with the soon-to-be-married couple, who have planned their wedding date for December 31st, 2013.

How did you pop the question?

Caleb: Well it was quite the challenge keeping the secret for so long. At first I was telling her that I owed my father money so week by week I saved a little. Then one day I let her know that we would be visiting my Uncle in Manhattan for about a week, as a mini vacation.

Once we were in Manhattan my uncle called and said lets go see the sites. I then asked dara “Would you like to see the Empire State Building?”, and of course she said, “YES!”

While at the top of the Empire state I started doing a vlog video for our site, 2ndOpinionPod.com, and asked Dara to get in the shot. My uncle knew all along what I was planning and once I had the chance I said “The trip so far has been amazing…..but it would be even better if….. (kneeled down on one knee)… Dara I want to spend the rest of my life with you will you marry me?” That’s when I realized there was about 50 people surrounding us smiling and clapping while she said “YES!”

Dara: I was already very excited to be in New York. All the extremely tall buildings and structures were just so mesmerizing.  It was a lot to take in all at once. Then I was standing on top of the tallest building in New York when Caleb, being Caleb, was making a video once again, tugging on me to get in the shot. I wasn’t really sure what to do so I pulled a Vanna White trying to show off the building. That’s when I was given the biggest surprise in my life. Caleb plopped down on one knee crying like a baby and I’m thinking “HOLY CRAP!!”  After I said yes and Caleb told me everybody knew and that he lied to me about giving his dad money, I impulsively punched him in the stomach.

How did you decide on the Skyrim-themed wedding rings?

Caleb: We basically scoured the internet for months looking for wedding rings. Something unique. We found a few things, but nothing that really wowed us. We then began to look into getting custom gaming wedding rings. For over four months I tried getting an Elder Scrolls Online emblem made as our rings. The best way to do that was by getting them 3D Printed, but alas, we had no luck. We were finally about to give up but we found a a ring that  read ‘Mahfaeraak‘, which means “Forever” in the ancient language of the dragons. The description read “With this powerful ring bearing the word ‘Mahfaeraak’, “Forever”, in the ancient language of the Dragons, you can declare in the Rotmulaag, the most binding and ancient words known to history, that you and your Ask, your love, will be with one another for eternity.”

We were sold!

Who is the bigger Skyrim player? How many combined hours do you have?

Caleb: I think I am the bigger Skyrim player, but we are both huge fans of the lore. The vast worlds, amazing stories, and wonderful musical score.

Dara: Well I can say that I am a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series. I didn’t start playing much of the series till Caleb and I met, but it is a wonderful universe. What I like the most about it is the free-roam capabilities, world/scenery, and last but not least: the battles!

Caleb: We have about 180-200 hours combined. I usually play it about every other day with heavy focus on the story, but when Dara plays she is more like a crazy Christopher Columbus. Exploring and claming things like, trees, chickens, four million plates and cups. And every sweet roll in site.

Are there any TES-related plans for the wedding?

Caleb: Yes. We will be playing the Skyrim Theme song while the grooms men sitting everyone. Also this is not your normal wedding. It will be a full gamer-themed wedding with a variety video games featured. Also we will have a gamer room eight consoles ranging from the Atari 2600 to the PS4.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Caleb: I do have to say I am very excited for the release of The Elder Scrolls Online. Dara and I were able to play ESO for two hours at QuakeCon, and let’s just say we didn’t want to get up. The game will  definitely be as good, if not better than Skyrim.

Also I would like to give a huge shout out to you guys for being so awesome. I have been working as media in the industry for just about nine years and every time I get to play something from Bethesda it just gets better and better. Thank you for all you do, the love towards Dara and I, and lastly… thank you for the sweet rolls!



Reader Comments

  1. the empire state building is actually the third tallest building in new york city. the tallest being the 9/11 memorial building and the second tallest being the chrysler building sorry to burst your bubble.

    • The second. The Empire is quite a bit taller than the Chrysler. When the Chrysler was first built it was the tallest, but the Empire State passed it a year later. Since then, it has also been passed by the BoA Tower and, of course, One World Trade, along with being tied by the NYT Building. Enough geography.

      I do think it’s the best looking of the bunch though. 🙂

    • What I meant was that Ive ordered this ring previously and the inscription wasnt correct. You can see the missing character even in the photo above.
      The character “aa” is missing on the ring on the right.

      🙁 Sorry to be a bummer. Just thought you guys ought to know since you looked so hard for your rings.