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  1. Will elder scrolls online be able to be used as split screen? Many people who get this may have family who would also enjoy playing with them.

  2. Hello. I’ve encountered problems when playing. I have currently done 99% of the game, including sidequests, main quests, misc quests and DLC so now I’m going for the achievements. (Sad, I know) but to do the Crafting Stalhrim achievement I’ve read that you must help the Skaal village, which I’ve done and then the smith would go missing. But the two people who I need to trigger the quest are dead or have disappeared, I fear they were killed when cleansing the stone. I don’t want to go to my last save before that as I don’t rush through the game so my last game before that I would be level 18, to which I’m now level 45 and I don’t want to lose everything and have to re do it all. I was wondering if there is any other way around this, or any updates are coming that will bring them back? Thanks.

  3. i did play the bata in a way i didn’t feel like an elder scroll game, it felt more like the online star wars game. are you worried that ES online will go the same way as the old republic? i think they relied on group missions and quests to much and it didn’t support single play enough,
    i do look forward to playing it