Big News (and Big Battles) for The Elder Scrolls Online!

The next Elder Scrolls adventure is nearly here! Today we released our latest gameplay video, War in Cyrodiil, and with it we announced that The Elder Scrolls Online will arrive worldwide for PC and Mac players on April 4, 2014. PlayStation 4 & Xbox One will launch in June 2014.

Regardless of the platform you choose, your online adventures will be here before you know it. As you plan out which alliance you join, watch our all-new gameplay trailer showcasing PvP combat and how you will be able to battle with and against your friends in Cyrodiil.

For more information on ESO and its launch plans, read a personal update from Game Director, Matt Firor at

Reader Comments

    • I will not ever buy any of your games with steam on it. I played skyrim and steam gave me a blue screen and shut it down 96 times. today I bought dishonored and steam says my computer is in a different city. I tried contacting steam no phone and days for a return message. Bethesda says they don’t have anything to do with steam but you have to have steam to play their game. what a waste of time and money.

      • Don’t go blaming the devs for Steams’s mistakes. If it happened to everyone, then Steam would either have to do something to fix it, or shut down. That’s not the case, so that’s why game companies use it. If you really hate Steam that much, just get the console version. Besides,how do you even know steam gave you the screen of death?

  1. The Video was Awesome, but i do Seriously Hope we get a Battle like that in TES6 because the one in Skyrim was Buggy as Hell and just plain Short.

  2. I’m not impressed with this game. I think they got into the genre far too late. They should have just stuck with their original concept of making single player games or added 4 player co-op to them. I will not be buying this since there are better games.

  3. As big fan of TES I felt such big thrill a few months ago. Luckily I am getting more calm as the release date is comming.
    If I enjoy ESO at least as Skyrim (450 hours played), then it would not be big failure for me.

    PS: Is it just my impression that just a little tweaked Skyrim (only textures+SMIM) looks much better than this last video? …I must not give up on ESO! I must trust the developers that they know what is necessary for the success.

  4. I just noticed something that got me confused, theres a Character that used a One Handed Crossbow and basically flipped it around like a Pistol, yet ESO is in the Past, so why was that not in Dawnguard.