The Newest in Atrium-Guarding Technology

After a long run of traveling from event to event, many of our statues have decided to retire to their home in our newly-renovated atrium. Visitors will now be greeted by our elaborate guarding system as soon as they walk through the doors.

Ok, they may not actually be guards but they sure look great in the atrium. View the album below to get a glimpse of the steps involved in placing the statues.

Reader Comments

  1. Hm… A newly renovated atrium? Im not saying its wrong that you got it, or that you dont’ deserve it… I’m just wondering if that money could’ve been better used to work out some of the kinks in your games?

    Maybe getting the scene that’s supposed to play at the end of the very long Unfathomable Depths quest in Skyrim to actually.. you know, play? So we can see the ending?

    I mean you had a functional atrium already so…