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    Sorry, sorry. I might have gotten a little carried away there.

  2. I think the robo dog is from Wolfenstein. The lock box is probably from the Evil Within and then the round decoration is from ESO.

  3. Maybe those presents the Wolfenstien guard dog is guarding is Fallout 4!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE AT BETHESDA GAME STUDIOS!!!!!

  4. So, you’re banking on these next year are you? I’d of made the job easier for myself by releasing fallout 4. But I’m clearly crazy.

  5. That sounds right…that Fallout 4 is in the safe. I’m ok with that and eagerly await; it takes time to make awesomeness. 🙂

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, G and to all the great people at Bethesda. I’m looking forward to whatever you are doing in the coming year…happy new year too!

  6. Seriously? No Fallout?!?!?

    You guys are killing me! October 2008 was a loooong time ago. Now we get nothing until what… 2015? Seven years is TOO LONG to wait for a follow up game. No matter how good the previous one was.

  7. I really like the subtle (and history-geeky) nod to fallout 4’s setting included in the image. I’m of course speaking of the bells at the top of the Christmas tree – which must be a reference to the bells of the Old North Church in Boston. The bells of the Old North Church and the Old North Church itself are closely tied to the city’s history, its role in the revolution, to Paul Revere, and to the minutemen. So I’ll take this to be a round-about reference to an upcoming fallout 4 announcement. That’s not wishful thinking right?

  8. That is absolutely a 4 on the side of the safe. The barbed wire has no reason to change into such an irregular shape. Their artists are better than that. Besides, all the stuff that has been announced has been unwrapped. There are two presents still in the background which are probably future projects.

  9. @Charybdisjim
    I was just thinking the same thing myself. It is odd that Bethesda put bells at the top of the tree instead of the usual shiny, golden stars. Fallout 4 might be on the way.

  10. Look I want fallout just as bad as the next guy but that is 3 big launch titles(EW.ESO.Wstien) I think why we are seeing a 4 is because either 3 things are happening there really is somewhere deep down at its core a fallout cameo which explains the 4 and the setting maybe the tree *those lights sure are placed funny ;)* but the other is we are going to get so much fallout news we are going to want to put on our spoiler alert helmets the final is its the mass effect ending all over again -_- <– good game hated ending

  11. Look guys, we aren’t getting Fallout 4 doesn’t matter how much we want it, because the guys who develop it would rather make us suffer, just like when they said “No comment” about the hoax to the media.

    They just want us to feed on it until they just say no we’re not doing any more and then pile out rubbish games. If they truly cared about their gamers / customers, then they would accually listen to the billions who wanted to hear it at E3 and at VGA, but did we? No.

    We get our hopes up and nothing. So don’t bother wasting our hope because it’s not going to happen..

  12. all I want for Christmas Old Saint Bethesda,
    is a good old fallout and nuclear winter 😉

    I bet he locked it in the safe

    #FalloutDreams, #FalloutWishList, #NuclearWinterWishList, #Fallout4

  13. Dogs from wolfenstein. locked box with barbed wire and blood represents the evil with-in and the final and soul shattering last game representation is the Elder scrolls online wreath. Fallout 4 is on the back burner once again.