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  1. The way the article is written on the website makes it sound like the top PvP/PvE player can become… Emperor? That would be kind of neat in my opinion. That player would be busy day and night to defend his or her title though. 😛

  2. I seriously hope this happen in TES6 since we all thought thats gonna happen in Skyrim.

    I feel so ripped off with so much potential where Bethesda simply stabbed us in the back and call it Quits on Skyrim.

    • I think most of us figured it wouldn’t happen in Skyrim. The reason is it would be too hard to implement it. I mean, there’s too many options character generation gives you. (Not that it’s bad) Name, race, sex and so on. Only way they could really do it is having the next game take several generations down the road. The Females carry the race, and the males carry the name, and the traits, (If I remember right)so they’ll just have to skip the Family tree.

      • Definitely don’t want anyone to feel like we stabbed them in the back… or an arrow to the knee. We actually did more post-release support for Skyrim than any of our previous BGS games — the Skyrim Workshop, Creation Kit, mods, free content, etc.

        Thanks for the note.

        • True, but Skyrim felt like a Beta Game that was Ported from the Xbox to PC.

          We infact spend more time Fixing Skyrim to this day then making Mods and just plain enjoy ourselves.

          The Skyrim CK is Buggier then the one from Oblivion.

          Please Gstaff, dont make another deadline Release date, ESO is doing that right now 4.4.14 and now theres going to be Modding for ESO aswell i hear.

          • Forgot to mention another thing about Skyrim and that is the fact that theres No New High King or High Queen for Skyrim, yet the Loading Screen plague us about the Moot with an Empty Chair.

            We thought atleast Balgruf or Elisif would be.

  3. Oh by the way, please ask Todd or the Bethesda Team to Sell the Add-On Packs for Oblivion onto Steam, because i just Bought Oblivion 5th Anniversary and the Add-On Packs are Nowhere to be found and i could’ve sworn they were Free.