T’was the Night Before Christmas…

The stockings have been hung and the lights are all out at the office. The Panzerhund is curled up on his platform while the Brotherhood of Steel keeps an eye on the premises. The Dovahkiin gets into a snowball fight with Boxman thus becoming Snowvahkiin. Just a normal holiday break when the team is away.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday as we go from Christmas into New Years. Here’s some festive art from us and the community. Happy Holidays!

Reader Comments

  1. Is there a Reason why the Bethesda Studios is Shown that has Nothing to do with ESO and Zenimax, could this be a Gift or Clue on the Next TES Game or (Barf) Fallout 4

  2. Heh, you said Brotherhood of Steel…Fallout 4!!

    Wishing a fantastic Christmas and New Year’s Eve to all you wonderful people working at Bethesda and also everyone who supports Bethesda games so I can play them too! 😀

  3. Happy Holidays Beth
    And a happy New Year !
    I’m a huge fan and will be playing your games all year.
    I have enough to keep me occupied but if your ready to talk about Fallout 4 I’m listening !