ESO – New round of beta invites!

The Elder Scrolls Online team is kicking off the new year with a new round of beta invites. Check your registered email address to find out if you received one, and don’t forget to look in your spam folder just in case. Remember, if you use Gmail, our invites will be automatically filtered to the “promotions” tab.

Visit for the latest information details, including their support page featuring answers to many of your beta-related questions.

See you in beta!

Reader Comments

  1. I’ve got mine but also wanted to say u all are awesome been waiting for eso for a long time ever since oblivion but I’m also waiting the new addition of the fallout series

  2. I’ve been signed up for the beta since it was announced… only ever got 1 beta invite but it had absolutely no info on how to participate… and now I keep hearing people talk about their invites and I still haven’t gotten even 1 working one.

    • Unfortunately it may be that lack of participation in a prior beta session you did receive an invite could lower your priority to be included in future beta sessions.

  3. I got a beta invite back in November, but I was really bummed because I couldn’t make it that day. I’m so glad I get another go at this!

  4. Amazing 1.7 million people actually love the stench of what a complete failure that is ESO.Amazing even still people will pay every month to play garbage.Some already realize you cant mod a MMO ?Better yet they will pay 60.00 expecting to have the same amount fun they did in other TES games and realize they,res nothing here .

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