A new way to QUAKE

We’re excited to announce that the QUAKE LIVE experience is evolving — benefiting from now having its own standalone client. With the new client, the QUAKE LIVE team can dedicate more time to updating in-game features without the worry of how ever-evolving web browsers will affect gameplay and performance. If you ever experienced any browser compatibility issues, or troubles installing the QUAKE LIVE plug-in, we highly recommend you give the new standalone client a try.

QUAKE LIVE remains free to play and offers extended access and features to members with Premium and Pro accounts. And to celebrate the New Year, Pro subscribers may now host matches for standard users on all seven Premium game modes, including Freeze Tag and Domination!

If you have questions about how this affects your existing QUAKE LIVE account, we recommend reading the FAQ. Additionally, you can learn about the latest content updates on the QUAKE LIVE news page.

QUAKE LIVE Standalone Client FAQ

Will I have to re-download the game?
For players who already have QUAKE LIVE installed, the transition will be quick. You will download and install a small launcher, and it will update your existing installation files.

Will this affect the subscription service?
No changes to the subscription model are being made at this time.

What will happen to player profiles and match stats?
Player profiles, match stats, clan rosters, and other commonly accessed pages have all been integrated into the standalone client and can be accessed directly in-game without the need of a web-browser. Only the official forum and external links will open in your default web-browser.

Will I keep my player stats?
Yes, player stats will transition along with the standalone version of the game.

Will it still be possible to play through the website?
No, while many of the website functions will remain, the standalone client will replace browser-based play.

What will happen to the website? (www.quakelive.com)
Certain functions will remain available on the website even after the update is released. Players will be able to manage certain account settings, view profiles, manage clans, and even launch Pro matches from any web browser. NOTE: Managing and chatting with friends, viewing the match browser, and joining games will require the game to be open.

When playing in windowed mode, how do I see my friends list?
While in-game, whether you are playing fullscreen or in windowed mode, if you press ‘Esc’ to access the in-game menu you will find a new ‘Friends List’ option located on the lower nav, located between ‘Leave Match’ and “Return to Match’. The new Friends List overlay will allow you to access your friends list, QL Chat, view and issue match invites, as well as obtain a Join Match URL to share with friends so that they may join you in the arena.

Will third-party standalone clients remain compatible?
No, unsupported third-party standalone clients, such as prism-based portal web-browsers, are still dependent on the old plug-in format and will no longer be compatible.

Will there be Mac/Linux support?
We will be unable to support Mac and Linux clients with this transition. While we have reports from our testers that the game works through emulation or virtualization software, we are unable to support native Mac and Linux versions. If you’re using Mac and Linux and have a paid subscription, you will only be able to access the game using emulation or virtualization software.

What if I am a current subscriber and I do not meet the operating system requirements?
Please contact Customer Support, via the Support Link or email [email protected].



Reader Comments

  1. Urgh. No OSX support, that s*cks. Go talk to the guys over at ioQuake, and have them take a look. ioQuake works flawlessly on OSX.

  2. I would love id Software to revisit the original Quake

    I loved the blend of technology with Lovecraftian lore and medieval settings. I loved the mix of monsters – the ogres with chainsaws and grenade guns, the zombies, the shamblers, the fiends, the vores. I loved the way the game could scare the crap out of you when you played it in the dark.

    I loved the fast-paced action blended with little puzzles. I loved the array of weapons. I loved the Nine Inch Nails sound track.

    I loved how easy it was to mod the game. I came up with a mod for Quake that turned the rocket launcher into a Hyper Velocity Missile Launcher, which fired very quickly and was very powerful, but had almost no splash damage. The mod also changed the sound effects, and had the player making footsteps and breathing noises. I was 13 and had no programming experience!

    I was really disappointed when I found Quake 2 wasn’t anything to do with Quake 1, and ever since id rebooted the Doom series with Doom 3, I’ve been hoping they’d do the same with Quake – but alas, Quake 4 was a sequel to Quake 2, and nothing to do with Quake 1.

    Please please please remake Quake 1. Superb game, great fun, and with today’s technology, it could be made so much better.