ESO ‘Ask Us Anything’: Variety Pack 12

The latest ESO ‘Ask Us Anything’  answers a variety of new questions on the game — including various questions stemming from our Imperial Edition announce. Here’s a sampling:

Do people who order the Imperial Edition gain a big gameplay advantage over those who don’t? 

No. With the Imperial Edition you get the opportunity to play as a rogue Imperial who has broken from their Daedra worshipping ways, and you get a unique racial skill line of equal gameplay impact to other races’ unique racial skill lines. As an Imperial you also get a mount and the automatic ability to craft items into the Imperial style. All non-Imperial races can also learn this ability after locating the corresponding racial motif. Imperials do not begin the game in a unique starting location or via a separate quest, but they can start in any alliance as befits their status as un-aligned outcasts of their own Province. Being an Imperial includes a racial skill line that offers unique gameplay opportunities, but there is not an overall gameplay advantage. It is an opportunity to set yourself visually apart in the lands of Tamriel.

Gameplay benefits within this edition have been designed to avoid bestowing unfair advantages over players who do not purchase this special edition. This is cool content designed for some of our biggest fans who wish to have something different from other collector’s editions in the market. The only other alternative would have been to offer a collector’s edition that offers no in-game items whatsoever. That simply didn’t seem fair to fans who are excited about the game and want some special digital items.

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Reader Comments

  1. Is there any hope of making the elder scrolls online for xbox 360 because some of us out here can’t afford next gen consoles or own a PC such as me and my cousin I humbly ash for an attempt of it if it’s not possible can you all try to make a different elder scrolls game that’s multiplayer for the 360 because it would be a great game

  2. Hi , I would like to know can you play TESO questing part without the subscription? Or is the whole game subject to subscription? Also I would be interested in an offline version, ie skyrim after all you have the base made for you. Maybe for 360? It is another revenue port? There will be a lot of 360 owners who can’t afford the next gen console. Come on make it happen!! The game does look epic though has to be said! Thanks

  3. Hi, just wanted to pick up on Felipe’s point and ask is there any chance of any more elder scrolls for the 360? I know there are a lot of fans who still want another one made for the 360? Thanks