Be Still Your Heart, Valentine

We’ve got a little red on us to this Valentine’s Day thanks to Laura from The Evil Within. Isn’t she just to die for? Don’t let your Valentine squeeze the life out of you.

Have a “I’d take your arrow to my knee” Skyrim valentine? Maybe a Dishonored “Blink into my heart”? Exchange your valentines with us by linking them in a comment below or by sending them to [email protected].

The Evil Within emerges onto to shelves August 26th, 2014 as announced earlier today.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Reader Comments

  1. Sorry but im not sure where to post this or how to contact Gstaff, but please forward this to Bethesda and to Todd Howard who is making TESVI for the most Fantastic Mod on the Nexus has just been Released

    Automatic Perk unlocking

    This Mod puts Perk Points onto the Skill you Raise, hence there is nomore Level Ups, because the Perk Point is being put onto the Skill.