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  1. Hi Bethesda/Machine Games
    I have a lot of extremely good ideas for to finance a new prequel or a sequel to WolfenStein: The New Order –

    Limited Collector’s Editon Box Sets for PC,PS4,XBOX ONE,XBOX 360 & PS3 containing WolfenStein 3D,Spear Of Destiny,classic xbox & PS2 console versions of Return To Castle WolfenStein,Raven Software’s WolfenStein game from 2009,WolfenStein: The New Order.

    – Action Figures & Busts of each main characters – both allies and villains from WolfenStein: The New Order

    And some cool action figures of different regular enemies will be really cool too such as the mechs,mecha panzer hunds, mutated nazi dogs,nazi ss stormtroopers,regular army soldiers – including 1960’s Afrika Korps & retro sci-fi version of 1960’s SA brownshirt Stormtroopers.

    Other cool collector’s items -includes all the weapons from the game itself.

    WolfenStein: The New Order scarfs of all the main hero characters & villains,shampoo,pants/trousers,Boxer-Shorts,Socks & candy not chocolate though 🙂

    WolfenStein: The New Order Deodorants for both women & men.
    Huge WolfenStein: The New Order AfterShave bottles for men,

    huge soda can boxes with different fruit flavors & faces of all the main characters -both allies & villains to BJ – including BJ Blazkowicz himself of course! 🙂

    I really hope that my suggestions doesn’t sound very stupid.