20 Years of Elder Scrolls

The list of entertainment products that thrive over a twenty-year period is a short one. It’s a joy to be part of one. When I look back over the last 20 years I’ve spent at Bethesda, I think how lucky we’ve been to keep a group together that continues to grow, both in talent and number, while being able to create games we love.

One thing that has kept the series vibrant for so long is that as opposed to simply adding to the previous game for a sequel, we always started over. It was our desire that each game be its own thing; had its own tone, its own soul. As the years went by the technologies changed, we changed, you changed. But the goal remained the same – to create a game that transported you to another place. A game that fueled you with the ideal of endless possibilities. A world you could make your own.

This has always been a partnership with you, our fans. The support you gave us each time has been amazing. The feedback, both positive and negative, made us better. When you spend so many hours, over so many years, on something, it becomes part of you. It’s certainly done that for us, and we know it’s done that for many of you.

There are many memories of what this series has meant to us, and to you. But I often think of one. When we were making Skyrim, but before it was announced, we were visited by a teenager through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That day in our area, the foundation had arranged for several kids to spend time with President Obama, another with Spider-Man, and this amazing person with us. That was his wish – to see the new Elder Scrolls game. He was the first person outside the team to ever play Skyrim.

And that’s the thing not just about The Elder Scrolls, but experiences like it. They’re important. Yes, they are just games, or just entertainment. But how we all spend our time is important. The best experiences can fill you with the wonder of discovery, and the pride of accomplishment. The fact that you have spent so much time in these worlds with us, and have supported us each and every game, has meant the world to us.

And now The Elder Scrolls is ready to head in a new direction – online. The great folks at ZeniMax Online have brought the same passion and dedication to that game that we brought to ours. And like the other titles, it will be its own thing. We hope you give them the same support and feedback you’ve given us for so long.

Where does The Elder Scrolls go over the next 20 years? Time will tell. But I know it will continue to be an amazing partnership with you. And we can’t wait to play it.

Until then, all our best,

Todd Howard
Game Director
Bethesda Game Studios

Reader Comments

  1. Elder Scrolls has been an important part of my life for almost 10 years. The world of Nirn and its inhabitants are all things that I constantly think about, as if its a real place.

    I will be eagerly awaiting news about Elder Scrolls VI. Of course until then we have the online game which is amazing in its own right.

    Thanks You Bethesda! I Love you dearly ^_^

  2. With all due respect I don’t think MMO is the right direction for the Elder Scrolls series. Multiplayer support would be interesting but ultimately ESO seems to have nothing more than a thin veneer of the rich experience that is Elder Scrolls.

    I will be more than willing to buy an elder scrolls game made for the audience that has played these games up till now, single player, loners, people that like a slow paced game, etc.

  3. As much as I would like to give ESO my support, I can’t in good conscience.

    Having said that, I decided to step back in time myself and installed Daggerfall (with DOSBox). Awfully hard on the eyes and it took me an hour to finally fiddle with the bindings to get it comfortable to play but I’ve been enjoying it again, so far. Lots of things in it that have since been cut in the evolution of TES games.

    I’m looking forward to the next installment of the TES series but the one thing that keeps me interested isn’t gameplay or mechanics but diverse environments and the rich lore. Daggerfall touched upon it (as did Arena before it and, to some degree, Battlespire after it), but Morrowind was really the fascinating key to the world.

    Morrowind was only marginally familiar, but the rest was like exploring a whole new, unfamiliar world where everything was alien. Strange buildings, cities, customs, indepth politics, religions, nomads, vampires, secret daedric ruins, odd animals, plants, and distinctive environments from the Ashlands to a canopied swamp, to the more familiar territory towards Vivec city. And then there was the different buildings depending on which House and, of course, the Velothi architecture of Vivec City contrasted starkly by comparison to Ebonheart – largely Imperial.
    Amongst all of that, it was your job, as the player, to learn how this strange world worked – from the Morag and Commona Tong, right on up to the Houses, and even how the Duke came into power. Everything connected and in order to make sense of this world and your place in it, you needed to talk to people, learn the customs, identify the leaders, gain the trust of the people and only then, would anyone give you the time of day. You had to become a part of Morrowind.

    This has been lacking in both Oblivion and Skyrim. By comparison, both of these newer games are more generic high-fantasy RPG akin to AD&D of old than the intense draw of Morrowind and TES as a whole. The world first, then the story. Not the other way around. You came so very close when you created the Shivering Isles expansion – my favourite for Oblivion. The Oblivion Gates just irritated me to no end, and the dragons in Skyrim, much the same. You do so much over and over again and you’re ready to just put the game away and play something else – or not even start the main quest at all. I have friends that never took the Amulet of Kings to Joffre just to prevent the endless barrage of gates. Same for Skyrim and not bothering to talk to the Jarl just to prevent endless dragon attacks (especially if you Fast Travel).

    You said after Morrowind that you didn’t want a repeat of the events as you said that the interested stuff happened 2000 years in the past and the player was just going through the motions later (paraphrasing). I disagree. Sure, some interesting stuff happened in the past, but that’s what makes the present worthwhile. The entire main story in Morrowind was tying up the loose ends left and fulfilling a prophecy. But there was more to it than just that. Discovering the parts everyone played (Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil, mainly) that brought all of those events about and how they fit into the current world – as well as everything I mentioned earlier. These things are just as important and interesting as Oblivion Gates and Dragons returning. In some ways, more important; after all, the gates and dragons are only of temporary interest – a footnote in history. The events of Morrowind spanned millennia and profoundly changed the customs and lives of the Dunmer on a fundamental level.

    And we, the players, were a part of that. Something that has been missing in Oblivion and Skyrim.

    I know that there likely won’t be another TES title any time soon – especially with the ESO hype. So I will keep an eye out for news. Until then, I’ll have to content myself with old TES titles…. really old titles.

    • You, my friend, spoke the very thing that has been going on in my mind for years… Morrowind had an unique feel to it, that any game since hardly came close. And you’re right, Shivering Isles came the closest, even in the nightsky…
      Map markers are being overused nowdays, so players won’t talk to NPC to find out their goal, they won’t interact as much to it… Immersion is lost. Fast travels are the same, I love to remember traveling only through Silt Striders or boats, but that is gone now, even though I try to reproduce it with the caravans… Traveling through Silt Striders meant you interacting and traveling a lot to a city, getting so familiar with it… I’m still in love with Balmora!

      But you’re right, things have changed… However the Elder Scrolls games are still most of the best i’ve ever played. Skyrim carried on to touch new heights. And I really hope it won’t come to an end.

      So please, PLEASE, Todd Howard, clarify us this: Does this mean that the Elder Scrolls games are over? Yours, single player games, Bethesda studios, that is. Please just answer this.

      Even though much has changed, I still look so, so much forward to playing the next Elder Scrolls… To me, just like to so many players and you guys, TES has become a significant part of our lives that we don’t want to come to an end.

      Best regards from a great fan.

      • Well, it is my understanding that Bethesda Game Studios didn’t make ESO, Zenimax online did. Bethesda Game Studios made all the previous elder scrolls games, and it stands to reason that will continue to make single player games while Zenimax Online Studios handles ESO. The massive success of skyrim proved that single player Elder Scrolls games aren’t exactly out of vouge yet. Plus, all the foreshadowing with the Thalmor, etc.

        Also I don’t think I could handle it emotionally if ESO was the end of the series.

    • That pretty much says how I feel about Morrowind. It was an alien, complex world as contrasted with the fantasy Europe of Oblivion and Skyrim.

      That said, I do enjoy playing Skyrim. With less detailed quests and stories, there’s more room for imagination, which was what made the old “tabletop” games so much fun.

      By the way, Todd, a note to you. Another thing that made those games great was the fact that several people could play them in the same place. Someday I’d be pleased to see a tabletop game set in Tamriel- heck, I’d like to help write it.

  4. Does that mean the Elder Scrolls games are over?
    The proper ones, the true ones?
    No hope for TES VI:Aldmeri Dominion?
    All of that hard work turned into this? A cheap MMO that will fail in a year?

  5. I really hope you continue making single player TES games. No offense, but it doesn’t matter how hard you try TES:Online is just a generic MMO wrapped in the shallow remains of what used to be a great gaming universe. It’s boring, it’s generic and.. you get the point. The immersion is literally zero, and that was one of the most important aspects of TES to most people. And unless you are willing to push out tailored content on a daily basis that’s always changing and unique to a handful of players, mmo’s will always be really dull.

    The only exception to this are some sandbox mmo’s where players can really affect the game world. Such as Mortal Online, old Ultima Online, EVE Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea etc.

    TES:Online was a cheap move imo, it’s not unique enough to make it as a MMO and it doesn’t feel like a TES game at all. Not only did it fail, you can clearly see by the games design that it even lacks ambition. You didn’t even try to create anything that would resemble what we are used to in previous TES games. As I said.. its just a generic mmo.

  6. Thank you for sharing your dreams Mr. Todd, ObamaCARE about TES? how cute!

    Now we need more consequences! your world is trully for kids, and this pissed me of! expensive off-line MMOs your last projects.

    ESO is not a surprise, is the true form of Mundus.

  7. I feel affirmation of 20 more years of TES in this statement. Thanks Mr. Howard for talking to us, the community, during this inspiring milestone in TES history.

    Of course we support you, Bethesda, in creating these “games”. Nothing rang more true than when you said: “When you spend so many hours, over so many years, on something, it becomes part of you.” We all have a tiny home in Tamriel and, in one or all of these games, a place our heart of hearts rests.

    Thank you for your endless time and dedication to the series, for cultivating it for 20 years, and for approaching your art as a gamer and not just as men and women with a business.

    For as long as Tamriel can be explored, you’ll have us as your in-game heroes.

    To the next 20 years! Cheers!


  8. Volk: What about what he just wrote tells you they’re going to stop making them? You realise Todd Howard’s team doesn’t even make the MMO?

  9. While I mentally gave Todd’s blather the MST3k treatment as I was reading it, I do want to say that not once did I see anything about there not being further TES single player games. I do see where he commented on it heading in a new direction, but do recall that Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda are allied, not the same. That’s like saying you’re your own parent.

    There will be new ones, but unfortunately based on the way it’s going I foresee future titles being wholly photo realistic and having three skills: stab, sneak, and spell, and taking place in a city block radius. Or just ship a CK and telling modders to have at it.

    • …And another one joins the nasally chorus of mouthbreathers who just love to complain.
      Morrowind 2 will never happen. Get over it, or move on.

  10. Thank you Todd Howard and your team!

    20 years and no new Podcast around this mark?

    Maybe a reunion with the past and present of the Elder Scrolls team? 🙂

  11. I’ve been playing since the beginning. To this day I remember walking into a game store 20 years ago, a bored teenager looking for a new RPG to kill some a few hours, and on a whim plucked Arena off the shelf, instantly intrigued by the prospect of freeform unconstrained adventure. Little did I know that that box of floppies contained no just a few hours of fantastic adventure, but hundreds, nor that the sequels that followed every handful of years would continue to enchant, amaze and inspire me for thousands of hours of time well spent across the entire span of the series.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the MMO. Certainly I will continue to play it once it launches. But the core series has always been the most magical, wonderful experience I’ve had in my three decades of gaming. Thank you for every minute, every quest, every item, every npc, every adventure that TES has provided over the last twenty years, and I look forward to the next twenty. TES is one of the keystones of gaming, the shining example of openworld roleplaying, before openworld was even considered a category, even though it’s been around since ELITE in the 80s, if not before. This is easily my favourite gaming series, and I hope to see it continue for as long as I’m still able to push keys.

  12. It would be really awesome to see some of the older ideas from Morrowind married in to newer ideas. There needs to be truly epic battles. Although many would see it as a cheap way to generate interest, adding new races could be beneficial. An entire game devoted to an Akaviri Invasion would be amazing. Player would be given choices to pick a side or go neutral. Another interesting idea would be inserting real jobs for players in game. Some of us really enjoy role-playing. I will step off my soapbox now. Congrats TES team on 20 years, can’t thank you enough for the hours of enjoyment spent in Tamriel.

  13. Thank you Todd and team for TES games over the years. I have played ESO and it is my favorite TES game since Morrowind. I like Oblivion and Skyrim but something was missing, ESO fits the bill. Hope to see TES 6 in the near future.

  14. Thanks, Todd, for such a lovely post. I realised the other day that I think more of Balmora as ‘home’ than I do the city I’ve lived in for over a decade. You will never top Morrowind. That game is unique and in its own way, perfect. But then, you’ll never top Skyrim either. My favourite memory is of seeing how far along I could get in the game before I had to go to hospital and bring a new generation of gamer into the world. (Her current favourite is Peppa Pig. She’s a bit young for Skyrim yet).

    I sincerely hope that we haven’t seen the last of the Elder Scrolls. I have enjoyed the MMO beta, but all that’s really done is to whet my appetite for more…

  15. thanks for 20 years of awesomeness, and finally admitting Battlespire existed (elder scrolls “complete pack” lacks any mention of it.

    Alsi, dies ANYONE BUT ME, remember how magnificent Redguard was? it was Bethesda’s “adventure” game and was probably the best one ever.

    and.. i betad eso twice. hate it

  16. “One thing that has kept the series vibrant for so long is that as opposed to simply adding to the previous game for a sequel, we always started over. It was our desire that each game be its own thing; had its own tone, its own soul. As the years went by the technologies changed, we changed, you changed. But the goal remained the same – to create a game that transported you to another place. A game that fueled you with the ideal of endless possibilities. A world you could make your own.”

    This is why I’m not going to play ESO. It’s just not what I’ve come to expect from an Elder Scrolls game. Seeing a new Elder Scrolls game for the first time was always a treat, seeing things I’d only read about, or things completely reimagined. However, in ESO, anything featured in Skyrim was copied almost completely, while things from other games were very, very similar. It’s just not the kind of unique world building that each game has had.

    I’ve played over 400 hours of Skyrim since it was released and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I haven’t completed many of the quests and probably won’t be ‘finished’ with the game for another year or two more. I still remember the moment I realized I ‘finished’ Oblivion. It was probably in 2010, three years after I first got the game. And even after that, I’ve only installed graphics or immersion mods, no content mods. Which is the opposite of what I did when I first played Morrowind, one reason I need to go back and replay it.

    All of those things, everything that have really drawn me into the series, are absent from ESO.

    I wish the team all the luck on Fallout 4, and look forward to TESVI at some point after that.

  17. I remember Morrowind was the first RPG I ever played, over 10 years ago. I’ve been hooked on The Elder Scrolls ever since and I’m looking forward to starting a new adventure in ESO next week!

  18. Todd Howard you are a genius and visionary, I love The Elder Scrolls franchise on and offline.. This is the only franchise I can grow with and always find a home within these games.. As long as you keep making them, us true fans will always keep buying them!! I am an Elder Scrolls veteran and I proudly say that everything you and everyone at Bethesda do to keep making The Elder Scrolls games and memorabilia and maybe a movie in the future or whatever else you guys create with it will dominate with high honors!! Todd Howard rules!!

  19. So what you all complain like a bunch of nerds I just want to say thanks for all the fun in elder of scrolls I loved all the games my fav is oblivion. Skyrim not that great but not bad. Let’s hope we see elder of scrolls 6 soon.

  20. For the Elder Scrolls 6, please, something very impacting in Skyrim in terms of “enemy” is that group of Nazi elves from the Dominion, the Thalmor.

    no more “race supremacist” bring the war against the Dominion!

  21. Good to see at least one of those kids was sensible enough to choose to spend their time with people making art rather than a man destroying America or some fake super hero. You guys actually matter!

  22. Todd,

    I have a story to tell too. Back when I first heard about ESO, I was surprised to discover it was not being made by Bethesda but by an entirely separate company- namely, Zenimax Online Studies. Upon learning this, I still recall that my heart skipped a beat for a moment.

    I did the only reasonable thing I could at the time- I googled “Elder Scrolls Online” “Todd Howard” with the hope that you sir, would be involved in the game’s creation in some manner. To my dismay, my hope turned out to be nothing more than just a wish.

    Although I have much confidence in the folks at Zenimax and believe they are a great group, it would please me beyond infinity to tell me you have some role, whether it is consulting or otherwise, in ESO. So is it so?

    Thanks Todd!

  23. Congrats on the milestone! Hard to believe I’ve spent 18 of those years fanboy-ing along. 😛

    Guess I’m old fashioned, but I just can’t get as excited over ESO. I think I’m too introverted to enjoy MMOs. But it _is_ cool to note the continual evolution/growth of the TES franchise.

    So congrats again. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the TESVI announcement. And waiting… and waiting… 😀

  24. I played the beta of ESO a few times, and I didn’t like it. However I will eagerly await Elder Scrolls VI! I’ve been a fan since Morrowind and as long as you keep releasing quality single-player games, I will keep playing them!

    Congrats Bethesda!

  25. With all due respect I don’t think MMO is the right direction for the Elder Scrolls series. Multiplayer support would be interesting but ultimately ESO seems to have nothing more than a thin veneer of the rich experience that is Elder Scrolls.

    I will be more than willing to buy an elder scrolls game made for the audience that has played these games up till now, single player, loners, people that like a slow paced game, etc

    (FYI reposting this because it doesnt appear on the desktop version of bethblog.com)

  26. 20 years? Wow! Congratulations. I started playing elder scrolls morrowind many years ago, was blown away by oblivion, and then staggered by the epic world of skyrim.

    I have played well over 1000 hours of skyrim, have had a tattoo done of the logo, and have purchased 3 copies of skyrim. (Normal, collector’s and the legendary edition’s)

    Personally, I think that eso, is a step in the right direction. I’ve not played many mmo’s before, but i always said that the one and only thing missing from skyrim was being able to play with a friend.

    May the next 20 year’s bring you as much a fan base, as the last 20 have.

    All the best.

    A true son of skyrim.

    Ahkriin, zin, mulaag to you all

  27. I won’t be playing ESO until it goes free to play. There was no need to go online, like every other game company. Your expertise was the single player experience that made your games so incredible. I’m sure ESO will have memorable moments, but I can’t justify a monthly fee to play a game that I spent $60 on already. You really want to wow your fans? Rerelease Morrowind with a hi-def makeover and new content.

  28. Thankyou so much Todd Howard and all the Bethesda team! I was first pulled headlong into the amazing Elder Scrolls world with Oblivion. Since then, I’ve enjoyed every other ES game from Arena to Skyrim. (In fact, after having spent nearly 3000hrs in Skyrim playing it since release, it is only TESO that I shall be setting it aside for!)

    I also cannot thankyou enough for giving us games in which we are easily able to mod! The past years spent in Oblivion and Skyrim has seen me learn so much in the way of how games are developed and put together, simply through the process of modding! It’s given me a new appreciation for what you guys go through for us, as well as a major acceptance for the occasional bugs! Not to mention a sense of pride and self achievement at my successful modding attempts! 🙂

    I’m eagerly awaiting TESO with all the excitement of a kid on Christmas eve and I know I’ll be spending as much time there as I have in Skyrim! Lol at least until TES VI arrives!

    *raises a glass to toast to another awesome 20 years of TES*

  29. I would just like to say that Khevor has said basically how I feel – I loved jumping into alien worlds and politics. Let us have Elseweyr with all the Khajiit varieties next time, or Akavir with all the races we have only read about in books (and a chance to see what the Nerevarine has been doing :D). And please, put more RPG back into the Action RPG. I miss Morrowind’s casting and enchanting systems, and its armour variety. I miss stats. I miss weapon variety.

  30. Thanks for the 20 years. I’ve been playing since Daggerfall & enjoyed every one. I can’t justify spending the money on TESO because I only get chance to play for a couple of hours a week, if that. It takes me more than a year to finish an Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim didn’t match Dragon Age: Origins for immersion & fun, but I still enjoyed it. Until TES 6 comes out, I’ll be back the DA.

  31. Todd, I can’t tell you what it meant to Erik, what you guys did for him, letting him play. I’m sure you saw it on his face when he was there with you. He was a great modder and a great friend. Rest in Peace, Erik the Slayer. We all miss you back at home.

  32. For the future.. TES VI for 360/Ps3 as well as the current gen plz,the older platforms will still be with us for yrs to come so just think of the many who would buy it across the platforms old and new

    • TES VI on PS3/Xbox 360 is unlikely especially considering how Skyrim turned out on PS3. I think a fresh start on PS4/Xbox One would be better.

  33. It certainly was a good 20 years. Now that single-player Elder Scrolls has finally come to the end of it’s road, I wonder what series Bethesda will focus on next? Maybe they will concentrate on Fallout from now on, although I wouldn’t mind them starting a new fantasy related franchise. Skyrim was a great way to end the series and ESO will surely keep it alive for at least a couple of years, but everything good has to come to an end.

    • Single-player TES hasn’t ended. Skyrim sold more than 20+ million copies and Bethesda probably know a lot of their fans aren’t keen on an MMO and prefer the single-player TES experience.

      I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a TES VI. I’m not expecting it any time soon since it’s usually a while between TES games though.

  34. Happy 20th Birthday, Elder Scrolls! Morrowind was my first ES game, and as it is said, “…you never forget your first love…”. Though Skyrim is a beautiful game, nothing will ever top the intricate backstories and singular look and feel of Morrowind. Though I am excited for ESO, Morrowind will always have a place on my hard drive and in my heart of hearts.

    Now how about setting Elder Scrolls VI in the Akaviri lands? IMO, that would offer the promise of adventuring in a land as strange and wonderful as Vvardenfell.

    And while you’re at it, Todd–give the post-apocalypse adventure fans a little love with Fallout 4!

  35. To Todd and the entire team at Bethesda game studios: WOW, what an achievement. Never have I held a company or a series of games so close to my heart as I do BGS and The Elder Scrolls. You folks have a way with storytelling, artistic direction, and game development that has captivated a widespread audience over 20 years, and myself as well. The lore of TES is so rich and intriguing, comparable even to the stories/books/lore of JRR Tolkien, another series I hold very dearly. I cannot praise you folks enough for your achievements in the fantasy/RPG genre, game development, and so on through The Elder Scrolls, and other titles such as Fallout.
    The Elder Scrolls games have gotten me through pretty rough times in my life, providing me with a beautiful, expansive, lore-rich Nirn to explore, get lost in, and escape the pressures of difficult times. This is but one of many reasons I hold The Elder Scrolls so closely.
    With this 20 year landmark achievement and the dawn of Elder Scrolls Online, I hope for another awesome 20 years of games from the BGS team. I look forward to any future titles you may put forward, but I especially look forward to more installments of traditional Elder Scrolls titles as many other fans do. I hope for and cannot wait for The Elder Scrolls VI, whatever it may be, though it may be a ways away. However, in the meantime, cheers, congratulations, and here’s to another 20+ years of Bethesda Game Studios and Elder Scrolls!


  36. I love this, I hate this. For every positive comment about what an achievement The Elder scrolls series is, there are three to four negative comments. The series, including online is amazing, whether you think that there should never have been an online or you’re a full supporter of it as a new chapter, just look at it with open eyes. Here is a series that people are passionate enough about to leave a comment. I treat each chapter of elder scrolls as an individual story of which I know a group of people have dedicated years of their lives to bring to you. So be grateful. Be grateful you share in a world that enables you to feel such passion that you love or hate a chapter. Be grateful that such a thing exists. This is a true reflection of a great and powerful story. And you are a part of it.

  37. I still remember the cold winter afternoon my brother inlaw showed me a game called TERMINATOR RAMPAGE and was amazed at its first person setting. Who would have thought this would be the game company making the games I would be enjoying for the next two decades plus. A few years later I got my first pc and one of the first three games I purchased was TES ARENA being drawn to its game box like a mystical book of arcane magic calling to me.

    Thank you Bethesda for always making a positive difference and HAIL! to thee and the Official Forums!

  38. For the development of Elder Scrolls/You deserve to have some sweetrolls

    Here’s what I’m gonna do.After Skyrim, I decided to continue playing it till you represent us with another great game. Whether it be from Elder Scrolls or Fallout series or a new franchise, I know full well that you will just make us awe again. In the meanwhile I’m not gonna play anything else. Just the latest game from BGS. Skyrim was simply a masterpiece. However There’s always room to improve.

  39. congrats Beth team .

    Let me say this for me there,s no other who can match your style
    i can talk for an hour too ES characters in the game (skyrim)(fallout) every detail makes me laugh or fear.
    you are the best doing that

  40. Does anyone else think the picture is of Elder Scrolls 6? Also, where is it from? What game/province?

  41. I’ll never forgive u Todd & the rest of Bethesda team for not giving Skyrim a closure, Thalmor/High King-Queen DLC should’ve happened but no, u decided to just abandon it. How dare u?! Ending is all i ever wanted an epic grand finale to a geat story but sadly i couldn’t have it & it hurts me. Eventually TES VI will come in a distant future & i hope u won’t repeat same mistakes from Skyrim. Nonetheless Skyrim will hold a special place in my heart for all the good things i had in that phenomenal world. It would be nice if Serana returned for TES VI but i know not to expect such wonders from u.

    • It had more closure than some games get. Bethesda didn’t abandon it, they moved on. Perhaps the Thalmor storyline will continue in TES VI. Maybe that’s why it was left open.

      I don’t think Bethesda introduced the Thalmor and completely changed the balance of power in Tamriel only for “Oh yeah, they were all defeated between Skyrim and TES VI and everything is back to normal again”.