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  1. Where is that dude that keeps saying this game is going to be a flop? Hes probably too busy playing the game to make it here

  2. Then how come out of all the useless statistics they showed, they didnt say how many people actually bought the game losers and wow! There are so many people commenting here.. game must be awesome lol

  3. 162784 cups of coffee are you sure? That means that 250 ppl. Drank about 651 cups each on about 1070 days (these are approximations just to point it out clearly) that works out to almost nothing. Seems really wrong unless you guys prefer non sleep pills, caffeine pills or energy drinks.

  4. It’s brilliant. Hadn’t noticed threads like like until now – I’d be playing too except the servers down for maintenance temporarily. Another patch. Good to see they are regular. 6 patches already in 28 days. Problems dropping off fast 🙂

    And looks like lots of nice stuff coming up. Putting my subscription fees to use lol 🙂