Introducing Craglorn

Discover our first Adventure Zone in this video sneak peek.

The constellations have disappeared. Ancient Yokudan warriors and deadly atronachs menace the rocky expanse of Craglorn. The first Adventure Zone for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces an intriguing new storyline and challenging content for groups, from four-player quests and exploration up to the new 12-player Trials. Check out this video to learn more and see what’s coming for you and your staunchest allies:

Reader Comments

  1. HEY!!!!!!! I would rather play by myself…….why have you turned this into a group game???????? Put Elder Scrolls back!!!!!!!!

  2. Some of us do not want to play with groups…..I would rather sit down and play MY game, by MYself and zone out. I do not want to have to interact with other people online. I do hope you’re intending this to be an intro to the real game.

  3. Truly the most epic slap in a game Ive seen ever by Zeniax .Put Bethesada Game Studios Tod Howard in charge and quit ruining the series we all know this games going to flop.