On the Storefront: Behold! The Shrine of Azura

Starting today you can preorder the good Lady of Twilight Shrine for your Daedric collection. The Shrine of Azura is available in limited quantity and can be pre-ordered at the Official Bethesda Store or at GamingHeads.com — available in regular and exclusive editions.

Azura stands at 1/6 scale of the mountaintop statue you encounter in Skyrim — a perfect portable size to place for your worshiping needs (or wherever she looks best in your household). The night sky will smile upon you when Azura is at home in your collection.

Reader Comments

    • My thoughts exactly! When I read 1/6, I thought, “Whoa! That’s a tall shrine to tote to the living room.”

      Now, if you look at the verbiage on GamingHeads.com, it states simply, “at 1/6 scale”. That could mean 1/6 scale of Azura when she presents herself to your character in-game (9 feet tall). However, that mountain statue is far taller.

  1. How often do you guys plan on churning out these? Really would be interested in statues of some of the other Daedric Lords, but waiting around for five years before they pop up isn’t what I have in mind.

  2. Tis a sacred day indeed to behold beauty immortal as only Azura through her divine holy shrine can bless us with the darkest of daedric grace.

    Praise Azura.Praise her glory on all the planes of existence. Praise Bethesda for whom boundaries are but a sign to carve the creative cut upon mind’s clay.