WANTED Undead or Alive: Playtesters for our games

Meet Alex. He’s one of many playtesters that’s helped us bring horror back in Tango Gameworks’ upcoming game, The Evil Within.

The past couple years we’ve been gathering helpful feedback from those of you that have participated in playtesting at our Dallas Play Test lab. This feedback has been imperative to improving games like The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order. As a result of the success from the Texas lab, we’re looking to add another one near our Maryland headquarters.

As always, we continue to look for new applicants — both in Texas and Maryland. You must be at least 18 years of age, have a passion for games, and be willing to take home some awesome giveaways.

To apply, visit playtest.bethsoft.com.

Reader Comments

  1. I would love to be a playtester specially for horror games we really need classic horror back haha game looks great good job guys

  2. I also want to be a beta tester! I want to play the games that the BGS is doing. A new Fallout? A new TES? I love these two series! Or would a new franchise? * _ *

  3. Link is broken in the UK (which is kinda expected).

    When clicking on it, it redirects to the main website Bethsoft.com

  4. I’m not sure why, but next-gen consoles weren’t listed as options on the preferred platform dropbox. I could playtest on either the xbox 360 or Xbox One.

  5. Please focus on the next Elder Scrolls series(not elder scrolls online=disaster)This game looks like crap! who wants to play a freaky game about horror? Bethesda is dropping the ball on most of it’s new games. excited about Wolfenstein the ne order though!

  6. I wish I was 18 so I could do this. The game looks so amazing. Oh well I guess in another four years when a VR game comes out ill test it :p

  7. I would not mined playing a horror game but I was hoping for fallout 4 because alot of people I have talked to wanted to see more of fallout then a horror game but if it’s a good game then I might buy it if not then I fink I will stay with battlefield or ghosts or forza and stay playing with them. 🙂 🙂 🙂