Jens wants to answer your Wolfenstein questions (and more) tomorrow on Reddit (Updated)

Update: Jens’ AmA has begun. Ask your questions here!

Wolfenstein: The New Order’s Jens Matthies will be participating in a Reddit AmA this Friday, May 9th beginning at 9:30 am est. As the game’s creative director and one of the founders of our Uppsala, Sweden-based studio, MachineGames, he can answer plenty of your Wolfenstein and game developments questions.

He’s also got a pretty amazing collection of movies and TV series, so feel to test his movie knowledge. Or ask him about Swedish cuisine or jet skis. Or… um… ask him about anything else!

Look for Jens_MachineGames tomorrow morning in /r/IAmA!

Reader Comments

      • I just want some info on Doom Beta for X1 and PS4 digital downloads. Game is out in 11 days and the website hasn’t been updated in quite awhile. This information definitely affects my decision to purchase the game.

  1. “Or… um… ask him about anything else!”

    Like when is Fallout 4 going to be announced?

    Just kidding (kind of).

  2. I would like to know heard so many rumours of it being a censored game is they any truth to this thank you