New in ESO This Week

There are plenty of things to immerse yourself in with The Elder Scrolls Online. Some things we wanted to bring to your attention that you may have missed:

  • The Interactive Map gets a new addition with the arrival of Craglorn. Read the article here to learn more.
  • An interview with the first Emperor, Morkulth is available to check out. Get some tips to your battle strategy.
  • Issue #57 of the Tamriel Chronicle gives insight to some of the news as well as showcases the fine artistic skills of the community
  • Discover new guilds in the Guild Spotlight. This week they talk to M.O.R.T.

See you in Tamriel!

Reader Comments

  1. Hi, I am bitterly disappointed with the console delay news!! Barely a month to go and you put it back six!! Not good enough! Also you are offering PC players a leg up when it is launched but nothing for all your console users who now have to wait!! Many like myself who have ordered the imperial edition and where keen to get goin in JUNE. What are you going to do for your console users as way of and apologie……. You need to do something.