Wolfenstein: The New Order is Now Available!

Bring William “B.J.” Blazkowicz into your home to enjoy the nonstop action and exhilarating gameplay of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Whether you are a seasoned regime steamroller of Wolfensteins past or ready to experience the intensity for the first time, or just seeking a great action game with a compelling story, we think you’ll find something to love with the game.!

Turns out other folks feel the same way. Check out what press and gamers are saying about the game in the links below…

Polygon (9/10) — “The New Order’s humanity makes it something truly memorable.”

Metro UK (9/10) – “The best Wolfenstein game ever made and one of the best single-player shooters for years, with a brave attempt to tackle serious issues and still have fun at the same time.”

CVG (9/10) — “Narrative is intelligently written, brilliantly voiced and highly polished.”

Game Revolution (4.5/5) –“Wolfenstein: The New Order is a shining example of how to revitalize an old-school franchise.”

EGM Now (8.5/10) – “Top-notch action puts Wolfenstein back near the top of the shooter heap.”

GamingTrend (90/100) — “Wolfenstein: The New Order delivers an experience well beyond my expectations, elevating this venerable series not only into a new generation, but raising the bar for story-driven shooters as a whole. Well done, MachineGames, well done indeed.”

Game Informer (8/10) — “Wolfenstein: The New Order is a positive step forward for the series.”

Games Xtreme (9/10) – Wolfenstein is one of the best shooters that we’ve played in a long time, it’s fun, it’s engaging, and it’s big and bold.

AusGamers (8.7/10) – “Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fantastic blend of old-school tropes and contemporary improvements that warrants a second play-through.”

Shacknews (8/10) – “Blazkowicz’s return has a long time coming, but MachineGames has assured that it was worth it.”

Games Radar (8/10) – “An over-the-top shooter with fun action, memorable set-piece moments, and decent characters, Wolfenstein: The New Order successfully transforms an old-school game into a modern experience.”

Xbox Achievements (85/100) – “… this is one of the most deliriously enjoyable and engaging first-person shooters you’ll play this year.”

Gamespot (8/10) — “The New Order’s combat intensity and variety have granted the Wolfenstein series a breath of fresh air, whilst still managing to hit the nostalgic highs that I expect from the series.”

US Gamer (4/5) — “… an absolutely spectacular, supremely gory, utterly compelling experience.”

Crave Online (8/10) – “It manages to remain interesting for most of the journey, presenting enough gameplay choice that the 20 hours don’t feel like a grind.”

VG247 — “And like Half-Life 2, The New Order also has its ‘Gravity Gun’ moment in the form of Blazkowicz’s laser cutter tool, which is later swapped out for a more-powerful rail gun.”

Stevivor (9/10) – “Wolfenstein: The New Order managed to surprise me not only with its unexpected gameplay but also with it’s excellent narrative.”

TIME (4/5) — “Wolfenstein newcomer MachineGames’ deftly executed voyage through a horror-filled 1960s world — and off — conquered by Nazi Germany gives its jarhead protagonist more than just the Nazis to think about.”

Financial Post (8/10) – “And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a dumb grin on my face every time I used the laserkraftwerk to turn Nazis into red Jello.”

SpawnFirst (8/10) — “You’ll have a ton of fun blasting Nazis to bits and painting the walls red.”

GameFront (80/100) — “It’s mostly a game about gunning down all the Nazis, Nazi monsters and Nazi robots you can, and MachineGames has done well to give a variety of experiences in that vein.”

Slant (4/5) — “the best entry yet in the Wolfenstein series”

ArsTechnica — “There’s depth to Wolfenstein: The New Order if you’re willing to put the time in to find it, to the point where I don’t mind the lack of a multiplayer mode. The craftsmanship in the campaign speaks to what happens when a developer doesn’t have to split its resources between two very different types of games wrapped into one package.”

Total Biscuit — “Highly enjoyable”

Guardian UK (4/5) — “Developer MachineGames has all sorts of fun with the imagined general depravity of triumphant Nazis as well as the technology they would have had at their command by the 1960s”

NowGamer — “Wolfenstein: The New Order does almost everything right, sliding confidently between gung-ho action sequences to gripping, character-driven story moments.”

God is a Geek (8/10) — “Visually, the idTech 5 engine makes The New Order sing on PS4. Cutscenes are stunning, while the environments are beautifully grim throughout.”

Don’t forget your DOOM beta in all the Wolfenstein excitement! You can redeem your code by visiting www.wolfenstein.com/doom.

Reader Comments

  1. Facts you guys at Bethesda should know about Switzerland:
    1. we aren’t part of Germany
    2. there are 4 official national languages in Switzerland – german, french, italian, romansh

    Reports start coming in, that even a retail bought copy in the french parts of Switzerland with the obvious french description on the box, refuses to play everything except the german version.

    Not acceptable.

  2. TotalBiscuit did a “WTF is…” for Wolfenstein; overall pretty positive and seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.


    “It’s a good wolfenstein game through and though. It’s very enjoyable”

    Also Boogie2988 gives his first impressions:

    “Well built, well coded, well scripted, wonderful soundtrack, wonderful gameplay”

  3. Hey to let you guys know i gotten hold of my copy of wolfenstein a little bit ago and now had downloaded the doom beta code and had installed wolfenstein the new order on my ps3 and looking forward participating on the doom beta and playing wolfenstein this whole week & the two next weeks before e3 starts and doom 4.

    congrats on the reviews & looking forward to the sequel.

    i’m a huge wolfenstein fan.

    keep up the great work.

    Get Psyched!.

    • Just to let you know, Doom 4 won’t be available on PS3. Only on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Some people have skipped it, and didn’t notice that it said that when applying the code.

      Personally, I think it’s great that the last gen isn’t being used. I don’t want my games to be limited anymore. Then again, the PS4 and Xbox One CPU aren’t really that great, but the Software should pick it up. Oblivion was limited day one because of the RAM. The Radiant AI they promised, as well as other stuff wasn’t possible because of the RAM. I say this as someone who wants the best in the series, and cross-gen limits what can be done. Want a bigger world? Won’t happen in cross-gen, as well as much more. Plus, I would wait a year just to experience a game that’s better because of better tech.

      • i see, what’s strange is that i gotten a code for the doom beta for the ps3 for somereason.

        any idea why the doom beta code is for the ps3 or was it just an invitation.

        confused on this works, lol.

  4. We can’t even activate an Import version in Switzerland!!!
    Even though CH isn’t listed as a prohibited country on http://steamdb.info/sub/41632/# .
    I spent good money on a pre-order for nothing…
    Thank you very much Bethesda.

    Obeying German law is one thing but to prevent SWISS customers to play the game like it was designed by the developers is just wrong. There are NO LAWS in switzerland that prohibit NS symbols in media.

    Bethesda, just let us activate the ROW version, that is all.
    Ps. German dubbing is mostly terrible and silly.

  5. I have, essentially, a bricked copy of your game. When run on my Geforce 480 and my i7 930, the game runs like a piece of … with choppy 20 frames per second at even the lowest settings. Updated my GFX driver, changed things the internet told me to change and it still acts like it.

    I’ve now taken to buying your console version, so I hope bethesda enjoys my 120 dollars, because that’s another 60 I won’t be seeing any use of. Unless the Doom 4 becomes free for Beta users once it’s out… otherwise, nope, 60 bucks I won’t be seeing.

  6. When will Wolfenstein TNO be available on xbox 360 games on demand (download version)? Right now its only available for xbox one.

  7. Hey Guys

    I purchased a copy of the game over STEAM , I live in Switzerland and I was under the impression we do not have any laws prohibitng NS symols in games or other media… after installing it yesterday I noticed the set language was german any chance of getting a uncut version ? Re-Buing the game is not an option, dont get me wrong the game is A+ Rated but the german language is just “meh”… the game should be played with the intended language. I bought the game thinking that steam was offering a uncut version to swiss players , I already informed STEAM but they redirected me to. After writing a e-mail regarding my issues to your support page, I got this Answer I quote “We definitely understand your frustration in this matter, but this is to ensure that no laws are broken.

    The international (non-German language) version of Wolfenstein: The New Order includes Nazi-related symbols and content – as a result, the sale, import, export, or distribution of this international version to and in Germany is strictly forbidden by German law.”

    I live in Switzerland my IP is Swiss and my account is Swiss on Steam atleast…… We are NOT Germans or Austrians ^^.Therefore our LAW is different regarding games….

    Is there atleast a chance of updating the game with a sound pack of some sort I dont mind the censorship but the FIXED language is not that good keeep in mind guys we speak four different languages in Switzerland and people where hoping to change the language atleast that is the big issue at the moment in the steam forums and I am only speaking about swiss players.

    Any reply in regard to my problem would be very much appreciated.

    Have a nice day and rock on keep pushing out these good games guys.

  8. What a waste of manpower….. Wolfenstein is an old hat… You should befocus ing your efforts on Fallout or ES, not this garbage. Bethesda is only good for Fallout and ES, that’s it….. Well, and Dishonored was kinda cool.

  9. I have purchased Wolfenstein and put in my code for Doom but can’t seem to find doom anywhere on my PS4. Any suggestions?