Craglorn Is Here!

Put on your best gear, pack your provisions, and turn your eyes to the stars—Craglorn launches today! The game update brings a challenge for groups of Veteran Rank players to ESO along with tons of fixes and improvements. Read the full patch notes to get every detail.

In Craglorn, you and your allies will take on new quests as you discover the Celestial threat to Tamriel, explore delves where your skills will be put to the test, and even participate in 12-player Trials—a completely new kind of adventure with the deadliest enemies yet (and fantastic rewards). The patch also introduces class and skill updates, fixes throughout the game, and more.

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Reader Comments

  1. Any word on compensation for us console players whom can’t play on pc and are going to have there day one launch ruined by leveled pc players?? With just 2 days left before watchdogs is released i’d like to know whether or not i should get my money back for the imperial edition.

  2. What is to be done for the console players who don’t want to use a PC or Mac???? I’m disgusted that on release day where going to be miles behind the PC players!!!! This is not good business. It is a slap in the face to your console fan base. Not good not good at all…feel totally let down.

  3. We know what was said about the console release. But all that says is if your a PC/ Mac player you can transfer your account over to the console. And here’s my point which seems to be getting avoided like the plague. What about console players??? What do they get for the delay,and being kicked in the teeth by having PC/Mac players having a step up when it does come out what is fair about that?? Where is the incentive to play when there’s people running round miles ahead of you??? I personally don’t use a PC or a Mac so it’s no good to me. Let’s not forget you want us to pay a subscription, even though you have put the game back to almost next year! Again where is the incentive?

  4. For all of those that are complaining about the Console release being delayed; it is for the best. They’re trying to make the game more playable, and doing their best at it.

    I hope you guys realize it hurts the company to delay a game. I understand you want to play it, but would you want the game to be unplayable (not saying it will be) if it was released like that?

    Then again, maybe I am wasting my time because people complain about the bugs in games when it releases. And if it delays so they can fix the bugs, people still complain.

  5. Forgot to add the consoles are on a different server than PC/Mac. So getting further doesn’t really matter. And just to let you guys know, ESO was originally set to release in 2013, but it was pushed back a year because they wanted it on next gen. And with that it increased how much needed to be done.

    Finally, there’s many PC things that get delayed and we get nothing out of it, except a better game. In reality, I’d rather have a better game than an extra mission or something. (which would be unfair for the console crowd)

  6. Of course none of us want a game that’s not finished properly,My point is why wait until a month before release before putting it back they must have known it wasn’t ready before that but yet the preorders still went on sale?? Do say June then last minute say oh actually it’s more December but thanks for preordering! As for PC things being put back all the time, there’s no subscription fee on PC is there? Plus you are already playing it! Even if it is buggy. And what happens if when it does come out on console it is buggy? I complain because I hate being led a merry dance.