Roundup: The Wolfen-wide Web

It’s only been a week since Wolfenstein: The New Order’s, but there’s already plenty of web highlights from around the web. On top of our initial review roundup, there’s plenty of must-read coverage to catch up on.

To start, recently we had the opportunity to send Wolfenstein’s collection of awesome goodies, The Panzerhund Edition, to MachineGames’ office so they could do a proper unboxing video. Watch their video, featuring Jens Matthies and Jerk Gustafsson, in the embed above. To purchase this collection, visit the Official Bethesda Store.

Elsewhere, catch these articles, features, and videos…

  • Polygon – As a story-driven experience, Polygon’s Ben Kuchera discusses how Wolfenstein manages to handle sexual situations the right way — unlike most pop-culture affairs. Elsewhere on the site, watch a 2-minute primer for playing the game.
  • Prima Games — Known for their prowess on gameplay strategy, Prima tackles beginner’s tips, Easter eggs, and throwback surprises.
  • Who is more imposing than B.J. Blaskowicz? Perhaps UFC middleweight/TUF Nations champ Elias Theodorou and UFC welterweight Sean Pierson. Watch them play Wolfenstein here.

Continuing our review roundup, read and watch full reviews after the break…

Giant Bomb (4/5) — “…The New Order mostly succeeds by virtue of how good the moments of character and world building you do get are, and by how rock solid the gameplay tends to be.”

New Game Network (90/100) — “Out of nowhere, MachineGames have turned up to the first-person-shooter party with the old man of the genre and given the likes of EA and Activision an absolute beating.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun — “Big is the word. Wolfenstein does everything big. Big action, big (if a little contrived) emotion, big violence, big guns, big shoulders.”

The Onion AV Club — “The game builds a pulp reality, recalling the real horrors of World War II just enough to never come off as monstrous or exploitative, and instead using character to provide the game’s soul.”

ActionTrip (8.5/10) – “Fans of Wolfenstein of old will appreciate how it has grown and matured, and newcomers will enjoy playing in this horrific alternate history.” (88%) — “It also manages to prove wholeheartedly that there is room for a good old-fashioned single-player FPS romp in this brand new world of multiplayer-only shooters like Titanfall and Destiny. I just can’t wait to see what MachineGames do next.”

G4 (9/10) — “MachineGames has not only faithfully brought the beloved FPS series into the next-gen age with a bold narrative that’s far more sober and reflective than most carefree shoot ‘em ups but has also assembled the best ‘Wolfenstein’ game to date.”

Entertainment Buddha (95/100) — “Wolfenstein: The New Order is easily one of the best titles to hit the gaming landscape in 2014.”

2nd Opinion Podcast (9/10) — Watch the video review.

Machinima (8.5.10) – Watch their video review here.

PSU (8/10) – “…Wolfenstein: The New Order delivers an entertaining narrative, complete with a gutsy campaign that has left us eager for much more from the series.”

Tech-Gaming (89/100) — “Seeing B.J. Blazkowicz evolve from a humble health indicator to a brooding character who becomes our chaperone through the ungodly intersection of war atrocity and spectacle shows just how far the medium has matured.”

TIME (4/5) — “It’s that unexpected attention to The New Order‘s world-building that makes this single-player-only game more than just a shooting gallery with a few new tricks — the sort of camaraderie and reflection in adversity, steeped in creeping dread and philosophical exposition, that made something like The Matrix more than just an expo for bullet time.”

Nerd Reactor (4/5) — “Wolfenstein: The New Order adds a fresh take on the all-too familiar World War II genre. With a solid gameplay and sweet visuals, this game is definitely worth checking out for fans of Wolfenstein and FPS fans in general.”

Hardcore Gamer (4/5) — “There’s a lengthy campaign, some genuinely impressive set pieces and, most importantly, incredibly fun gameplay.”

The Toronto Sun (4 Stars) — “MachineGames have done a wonderful job capturing the essence of the old-school shooter while avoiding its pitfalls, and presenting it in a way that will attract new audiences. The result is a game that’s as good as you remember its forebears being, even though it facilitates the player in ways that games from a decade ago didn’t. This is Wolfenstein for the new generation, and it’s worthy of the legacy.”

The Koalition (88/100) — “Wolfenstein: The New Order is truly a remarkable story driven shooter and a standout entry in the series.”

Forbes — “All told, Wolfenstein: The New Order is some of the most fun I’ve had on new-gen consoles.”

OnlySP (8.5/10) — “…The New Order is certainly an FPS worthy of your time…”

Capsule Computers (8/10) – “… Wolfenstein: The New Order is an amazing looking title …”

Pixel Related (9/10) – “Wolfenstein: The New Order is a title that has a lot to offer for fans of first person shooters. It pays enough homage to make it feel like a Wolfenstein game, while also bringing enough new ideas to make it something unique on its own.”

Reader Comments

      • The same as most people – ridiculously low FPS in the very first level (1 FPS constant for me, 1-10 for other people). Some cant get past the 1st splash screen. And no, I’m not using AMD vcard, yes, I have the latest drivers (no updates for Wolf in yesterday’s version!!), yes I meet the requirements (which by the way arent telling what are the minimum ones), and yes I read the advice on forums, sites, blogs and nothing works.

        Head over to Steam forums and see what’s the most talked topic. Is it the gameplay? The story? No, it’s the performance. There’s even some amateur patch that solved the issue for some people (although sadly not for me). Hell, people complain on your very own forum, and the only advice you provide is “lower the settings and disable vsync”. Please.

        Also the game suffers from many framerate drops when it really shouldnt (read: at random), also some location-specific crashes have been reported.

        Some serious optimization needs to be done and fast. I want to play this game very much, I got it on a midnight release and I basically cant get past the first cut-scene. It breaks my heart, this is a PC shooter at its core.

        • Thank you for sharing. Two things I would recommend

          1) Sharing your DX diag info at
          2) Contact our tech team at

          The more we can know about your setup, the more we can do to help.

          • Appreciate the effort, but I’m not your average user. Nothing customer support can do to help me, so please get that patch going. I hope it’s already on its way.

  1. I need to read Tech-Gaming and TIME more. Some really good writers at those two sites.

    Have the PC version and it runs beautifully for me. Wish I could say the same for Watch_Dogs.

  2. I received My panzerhund edition yesterday and I really dig it but I just wish for $100 it came with the extras that the Occupied edition came with in the UK too.