Around the web: Pre-E3 Edition

Before hopping on a plane to Los Angeles for E3 2014, here’s some videos and articles we thought you’d enjoy this weekend.

While in Munich to receive the LARA of Honor award, Todd Howard chatted with GameStar on a number of topics: career highlights, gaming philosophies, favorite German cuisine, and much more are all covered in the video above.


“Turn the pain into something positive. Use the darkness to make good art.” — Those words mean a great deal to Wolfenstein narrative designer Tommy Tordsson Björk. Find out why in a heartfelt column this week on The Huffington Post.

Next… err current-gen gaming is all the rage these days, but IGN recently took time to share their 100 favorite games from the previous generation. Bethesda published games make quite a splash in the list — with five games making the list: Dishonored (#67), Oblivion (#40), Fallout: New Vegas (#26),  Fallout 3 (#5), and Skyrim (#4).

The Skyrim Mash-up for Minecraft on Xbox 360 recently won the “Coming Back for Seconds” award from the Xbox community. Thanks to everyone for voting.

If you’ve ever eaten at Nando’s, you know their chicken is peri peri good! It’s so good that MachineGames developers flew from Sweden to the UK to celebrate their first paycheck. Learn more on this and other tidbits about Wolfenstein: The New Order’s development at Shortlist.

Are The Evil Within and BATTLECRY your most anticipated games of E3? Share your support in a new poll up at FavsList!.

Here’s some scary thinking: A new feature at Games Radar focuses on eight bizarre parallels that can be made between the real world and the world of Wolfenstein. Yikes!

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for a Wolfenstein Penny Arcade cartoon!

Finally, a little love for Dishonored. Below you can watch a jaw-dropping play-through of the Lord Regent assassination mission — courtesy of StealthGamerBR. The video is an awesome reminder that you can always find new and creative ways to play through the game.

Have an awesome weekend!

Reader Comments

  1. Great interview by GameStar with Todd Howard. Just goes to show how fortunate we are to have a company like Bethesda creating game worlds everyone can enjoy with that first time magical wonder us old timers did with ARENA and DAGGERFALL and still do all these decades later with the FALLOUT series and SKYRIM. Would have been a lousy 2002 losing MIGHT AND MAGIC and THE ELDER SCROLLS all in one year.

    Excellent read with Tommy Tordsson Bjork on using the dark side of life as a positive. SWANS are awesome 😀

  2. So bored of you lately, Bethesda. If you reveal Fallout 4 at the E3, my faith will be restored in you, but if you don’t I’m just gonna stop checking this blog.

  3. Dear Bethesda,
    I know Pete Hines said there would be no Fallout 4 announcement at this year’s E3 but I’m hoping you will reconsider.


  4. I’m not really sure if anyone will see this, but just so y’all know it’s not all ranting and raving dudes on the internet:

    I really look forward to the eventual reveal for Fallout 4. Until then, thanks for everything you’ve done, are doing, and will be accomplishing for Fallout 4. <3 you

  5. I struggle to get the money for a full price game and I’m primarily PC gamer. Only thanks to my grandma I got a pretty good PC five years ago. I’m a huge Bethesda fan and Mr. Todd Howard, the last questions about PC, your answers means so much to me! You were always my favorite game developer as did whole Bethesda team, and I will continue to support you no matter what.

    Again, thank you!