BATTLECRY & The Evil Within at E3

E3 week is upon us! We’ve made things a bit easier on you by gathering all of the presentations and interviews scheduled in one place. Tune in so you don’t miss out on all the details for The Evil Within and BATTLECRY.

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Monday, June 9th

  • Game Trailers (On SPIKE TV) – 1:20pm
  • Twitch – 4:00pm

Wednesday, June 11th

  • IGN – 11:50am

Thursday, June 12th

  • Gamespot – 10:40am

The Evil Within

Monday, June 9th

  • Game Trailers (On SPIKE TV) – 2:15pm
  • IGN – 2:20pm

Tuesday, June 10th

  • Twitch – 1:20pm
  • PlayStation Blog – 3:30pm

Wednesday, June 11th

  • Gamespot – 2:40pm

Reader Comments

  1. I think I’ve found an error with your schedule. You’ve forgotten to include the time when you’ll be announcing Fallout 4.

  2. Bethesda, you have officially made yourself worthless… Wolfenstein? Battlecry?! NOBODY CARES… Your place in the industry is to create more Elder Scrolls and Fallout, that’s it, that’s all. Stop wasting manpower hashing out this garbage like cheeseburgers at a McDonald’s and go back to doing what you don’t suck at. More Elder Scrolls, more Fallout.

      • Umm… how is it true? Bethesda Game Studios themselves aren’t making any of those games, their parent company is publishing them. It would be nice if they teased it but I would rather wait for a long time than to have a buggy mess.

  3. Yeah really we just wanna hear something about Fallout 4. Its been since 2008 since you guys made a fallout, and 2010 when obsidian did. So since you guys came.out with on (as you already know) its been 6 years, and those games have a lot of promise. They keep people playing over and over. They never get boring, unlike alot of other games. And when alot of people’s discs for games break theyll just be like oh that sucks and not go buy another because those games dont have replay vaulue. Fallout and the elder scrolls people will buy 3-4 times if there copy breaks.

  4. Okay Bethesda I’ve found all we asked for is fallout and elder scrolls and you give us the worst game ever battle cry it would buy it but I want first person good grafics mutants sandbox lots of weapons look at all the games people are making the beautiful dying light far cry 4 all these games are stepping it up and you guys are stepping down enough make a new fallout and a new elder
    Scrolls or I’m pretty sure there might be a root not a thret stating the obvious I’m not at the E3s and I know your making a mistake Bethesda smarten up or your going to get a lot of long hate messages if you make a battlecry 2 instead of fallout 5 so I’m saying bring out the good games and not average (bring in fallout we will love you)

  5. As I stated on bethesda’s blog, they are failing the people that keep there company afloat. We are the fans. The reason games become AAA games is because of us. There was a point in time they almost went out of business and it was a game called morrow wind that saved them. Yup an elder scrolls game. So it was the same fans they ignore now that saved them from sinking. E3 2013 I was expecting fallout 4 and why wouldn’t i? Fallout 3 was released in 2008 so 5 years should be adequate time to create the game. Now E3 2014 has come and went and it’s been 6 years. They clearly are pushing there own agendas. I am at the point now where I refuse to purchase anything bethesda related until they satisfy me, the fan. We have a voice and if we all did this they would have to listen.

    • Ah the old ” We the fans made you the writer, actor, company a success ” mindset.

      Take your time Bethesda or not 😀 Am still enjoying FALLOUT 3 to the max along with New Vegas by Obsidian and every Elder Scrolls you have ever created with endless game replay.

  6. ^^^ lmmfao yes mommy! Hahahahahahahahah
    Sorry I guess fans can’t express real concern over why it’s going on 7 years since fallout 3.