The Return of DOOM

Earlier today, we ever-so-slightly tugged on the curtain to reveal that new information on DOOM is coming soon. We encourage you to throw on some headphones and check out the trailer.

We’re not ready to discuss the details of the game yet, but we’ll be sharing new info at this year’s QuakeCon event – taking place July 17-20th at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX. For more information on the event, visit

Reader Comments

  1. Great for ID, now, is BGS making FO4 or not?!?! Quite frankly you say it is 3+ years off and I reckon most people would cop that, just freaking say SOMETHING!

  2. “Tom said on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 3:50 pm:

    Great for ID, now, is BGS making FO4 or not?!?! Quite frankly you say it is 3+ years off and I reckon most people would cop that, just freaking say SOMETHING!”


  3. Watchtower said:
    “Tom said on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 3:50 pm:

    ‘Great for ID, now, is BGS making FO4 or not?!?! Quite frankly you say it is 3+ years off and I reckon most people would cop that, just freaking say SOMETHING!’



  4. Very happy about the Doom announcement. I liked how the Cyberdemon looked, but I’m still a little unsure about this being made without Carmack.

    And yes, I was expecting a Fallout teaser from e3 this year. I guess it’ll probably get revealed at something else like TESV did.

  5. They’re making the game for next gen. It’s not surprise it hasn’t been announced yet. Todd Howard talked in the Gamestar video about how Install Bases don’t matter, but the tech and memory does. That’s why they’re making it next gen only. The game could easily be twice as big, (It’s going to be bigger, they have to compete. GTA V is 1.5 times the size of Skyrim.) and that’s another reason it is taking longer. I don’t want just a teaser when it’s announced. I want Gameplay.

  6. I don’t know, I really don’t care if it’s a teaser or gameplay. I just want SOMETHING. Like I get that the devs want to assure us that another installment of the series is definitely going to come out eventually… but that’s still not a guarantee. Each day that goes by without an announcement for Fallout 4 (or Fallout whatever), my heart falls a little more. What’s the hold up BGS?

  7. I agree, give us Fallout 4, or at least explain what’s going on! You used to be my favourite developer, but Ubisoft is putting you to shame now. If you are working on Fallout 4, just tell us or give us something. If you are not working on Fallout 4, then you are all stupid. Just saying. Fallout is what everyone wants, so not to be working on a Fallout 4 would be a total dumbass move. Sometimes holding off on details is good, as it builds suspense, but now it’s just getting stupid, and we’re all getting fed up with it. If I have to wait much longer to hear some news, I’m just gonna give up on the series all together, as I don’t want to give my money to developers that neglect their fans.

    • Todd Howard already said that they are waiting on the perfect time to talk about it, and when they are ready. (When it’s Special.) I am inclined to agree with him. We know it’s Fallout 4. If you would watch videos over the years, he even gives hints. Fallout 4 hints of course. It’s a next gen game, so I don’t know why people want it now. A next gen game could easily take a year or two longer.

      A teaser would make me really excited, but at the same time, people wouldn’t stop complaining when there was no trailer or anything gameplay wise of Skyrim, and that was only two months. So, they might want a full on trailer too.

    • Also, something could easily happen where they have to delay it for awhile. If it doesn’t come out until 2016, why would they announce it now. Unless you want something like Kingdom Hearts that was teased and nothing more had been shown on it. It’s BGS, as long as it doesn’t go beyond 2016 I am good, and I have faith in them. A lot of promises they made that weren’t fulfilled were because of tech, like Radiant AI. (They assumed the 360 had 1 GB of RAM.)

      I know I might be asking a lot, but be patient. They are working on it, but it’s next gen, and they got a lot of competition, so they want it to be bigger and better than ever. They’ve been working on it since at least mid 2011, as that is when the main team (Not the DLC team) moved on. So it’s already be in development longer than Skyrim.

      • I just hate the radio silence. It’s not just Bethesda, I guess it’s the business/political side of stuff. I guess I understand it, but it just annoys me. I wish developers would just be upfront about what they’ve making, and keep us informed as they went along. This secrecy shit is getting so old now.

  8. It really is true that the longer they wait to at least confirm it, the more of their fan base they will start to alienate. And the reality is, our loyalty is starting to drift away to developers who are more upfront with us. Many of us are largly disappointed the second year in a row that it didn’t show up at E3. We all want them to take the necessary time to develop it and make it awesome, but producing a teaser/announcement shouldn’t affect development time that much, if at all. We’re not asking for a release date. We’re not asking for an instant gameplay reveal, but rather we just wanna know that it’s happening. Some of us are waiting to buy a console for it, and want to be able to save up for that reason.

    • Exactly! I don’t even want a teaser trailer yet, I just want “written” information. And it doesn’t take 5 minutes to write a status update to your fans, right?!

  9. I don’t know why they need to confirm on what they are working. The game in development now was in pre-development in August 2010. Todd and the team has dropped subtle hints that Fallout 4 is the one in development. Their development videos talk about series switching and why they do it. One was so they wouldn’t get bored with doing Elder Scrolls or just Fallout all the time. So it’s clearly Fallout now as they just did Elder Scrolls.

    There’s other fans that want a lot more than you guys. Many want gameplay and more. I know they are developing Fallout 4 because of the hints and how they do things. Just like how I knew Fallout 4 is going to be next gen only because of the “Tabletop” analogy he makes with Install Bases. Quite a bit of the hints are in the Game Informer interview.

    • What is the point in “subtle hints”? Why not just be straight-forward and tell us frankly what they are doing?

  10. Firstly, that’s fantastic that Doom is in the works, really looking forward to it. Kind of already knew it was in the works though which stemmed my excitement but still looking forward to it 🙂

    Now for these comments, I have no idea what people were expecting. Normally there is a pattern to Beths game releases when it comes to The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout, but that goes up into the air with the new consoles. It is understandable that it would take a bit longer to develop games for the new consoles, especially when they are one of the few developers or are taking full advantage of what these consoles can do.

    But to be honest I rather not hear anything from Bethesda until they are confident with showing the game. I think it was wise of Bethesda not to talk about the game at e3 as they can look and see what other developers are working on which could help improve their games content, if there are ideas or features they could implement.

    People need not worry. and this loyalty stuff is a bit silly, these are not the elections, ill always be a fan of Bethesda games even if it takes them a little longer.

  11. Because then they would have to talk about it. There’s no point saying anything without an announcement. Most games that say that don’t have any info released for awhile, and that makes things worse. When they announce it, the hype will be a lot more. If they just announce it’s Fallout 4 then the hype will not be as big as when it’s shown off randomly out of nowhere.

    If they would announce it’s Fallout 4 now, most would want gameplay. And once that happens people want to play it, and then they play it and realize the game could of been better if they had more time to themselves. When it’s confirmed the media will go wild and try to pester them about everything. This is their time right now, and they get the most done when they have all the time focused on development.

    There’s a lot of ways delaying the announcement will help them, and only a few that will help. The longer they wait, the greater the peak of what they show will be.

  12. For the love of god, PLEASE do not make the new Doom with any Health Regen. I swear if you don’t have any regen I would pay double for the game. NONE, not even in increments like Wolf: New Order. Nothing has ruined FPS gameplay more than regenerating heath: shoot, get shot, hide, repeat. Fighting hellspawn should include tension and feeling vulnerable. I dare say the game play quality in Doom and Quake is entirely dependent on this. When I started playing Wolfenstein (the last one, not New Order) and realized it had regenerating heath I shut the game off and didn’t touch it for a year. When I did finally play it, and when I played Rage, the whole time I was thinking how much better the game would have been without regen.

    Response to the limited regen in New Order seems to be positive. So please, with Doom, the holy father of modern FPSs, take it all the way back to true old-school, and kick the entirety of health regen to the curb where it belongs.
    And while I’m at it, please don’t have regenerating armor either, which is equally ruinous to gameplay.

    At the very least, make the game (thoughtfully!) with a no-regen option. Make it the hard difficulty if you have to.

    As someone who has spent many hundreds of dollars on id software games across many platforms, including enough versions of Doom to probably be qualified as mentally insane, I sincerely thank you for reading.