E3 Roundup – The Evil Within

The Evil Within Extended Gameplay Demo w/ IGN 

Day 3 of E3. Everyone looks unnerved or as if they’ve seen a ghost. At the Bethesda E3 booth, we’ve actually seen that look all week from folks terrorized by our demo for The Evil Within.

Susan Arendt at Joystiq had shown concern that the game would not be scary enough. In her latest playthrough, her only worry concern was not completely freaking out from the game:

“Moving from room to ruined room, I found a few notes left behind by the previous inhabitant, who was engaged in some kind of experiments. Mad scientist, sure, I can work with that, wait, why are all of the faces in that portrait slashed except for the young boy? Ok, no problem, I get it, the boy’s the survivor, wait oh my god what is that thing trying to kill me shotgun shotgun take its head off GAHHH it turned into some guy in a hood that’s coming right at me and my bullets are doing nothing and GAHHHHHHHH.”

Meanwhile, resident survival-horror writer Tim Turi at Game Informer played the game and stated, “The Evil Within feels like an alternate reality where the Resident Evil franchise doubled down on tense combat, scares, and creepy environments rather than fun, over-the-top action.”

Who else braved our E3 demo of the game. Check out more highlights below…

IGN – “So how many ways are there to die in The Evil Within? Well, in my 20-minute hands-on play session, I had a pickaxe lodged in my chest, was strangled and bit, had my skull crushed by a hulking ghoul’s meaty foot, and got blown to bits by a tripwire bomb. ”

Gameranx – “… Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks have made a game that promises to embody the dread and suspense the way only a survival horror game can.”

God is a Geek – “…it is shaping up to be the purest and most varied third-person horror experience in years.”

Shacknews – “Head shots don’t always kill enemies, and downed creatures don’t always stay dead unless you light them on fire with matches (another scarce item).”

HorrorMovies.CA – “I think this game is on track to satisfy those old-school horror cravings you might be having. ”

EGMNow — “There’s a great balance between puzzles and action, with both having a flair that you’d expect from a team like Tango.”

After the break, see more video features taken from the E3 show floor.

Pete Hines talks to the PlayStation team about The Evil Within

Stage Presentation w/ Gamespot

Rely on Horror interview w/ Shinji Mikami

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    Or, I don’t know, why don’t you research the google search history of “Elder Scrolls VI” or “Fallout 4” and try to find reasons as to why that petered off.

    It is more profitable to make little shitty MMORPGS with microtransactions, candy crush and angry birds did that, but how many people who bought those awful games know who made them? Be a Coke or Pepsi, or be… whatever hundreds of companies that make generic cola. The importance of branding.

    • Do you want to be a company that burns out quickly and makes lots of dollars in the short-term, or do you want to be the Coca-Cola of the gaming world, and make lots of people lots of money for a long time?

    • And yet another person who isn’t aware that Bethesda is also a publisher as well as a developer. Battlecry and Evil Within are not being developed by Bethesda, only published. One does not effect the other.

  2. “Day 3 of E3. Everyone looks unnerved or as if they’ve seen a ghost.”

    It’s probably because they can’t believe that there wasn’t anything mentioned about Fallout 4…jus sayin’

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    • Really? I thought their job was to make quality games when they are ready, not by a random deadline someone made up.

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