QuakeCon 2014 – Reacting to the DOOM Reveal (Updated)

The QCon Forums hit the exit gates of yesterday’s DOOM reveal to catch reactions the first folks to see the game… they’re pretty amazing! On behalf of everyone at id and Bethesda, thank you for coming and making the game’s reveal so memorable.

And for more on the reveal, read reactions from Game Informer, VG247, WPCentral, and a new episode of The Bonus Round featuring Geoff Keighley, Adam Sessler, Andrew Reiner, and our very own Pete Hines. Watch it below…

Reader Comments

  1. There’s always that one yahoo who only cares about multiplayer smh… They should avoid multiplayer on a game like this.

    • I really hope you guys didn’t used brutal doom as an example of doom, it’s not the right direction, i feel you guys may have lost your ways. just scrapped it and do quake instead.

      you should have ignored the haters of doom 3, there were/are millions of fans who enjoyed doom 3.

      not nice call out doom 3 like that.

      it shows you have no confident in the franchise.

      you did well in wolfenstein the new order, don’t screw this one up by adding everything from brutal doom to please brutal doom fans.

      i think brutal doom killed doom:(.

      by the way where the hell is my doom beta?

      i am disappointed.