Bethesda TwitchWorks: ESO What Do We Do?

Now for something a little easier (hopefully?) than Wolfenstein: The New Order’s Ironman Mode. Join us in taking an exciting and foreign trip to the MMO world of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Admittedly, Gstaff and I aren’t MMO experts, so what better way to trial and error than with your help? We are open to suggestions about every aspect of the path our character will take including race, gender, play style… well, you get the idea.

In addition to our Tamriel venture, we will be featuring developer commentary from Jens Matthies and Jerk Gustafsson during their playthrough of their game, Wolfenstein: The New Order. Get inside knowledge from the mouths of the devs themselves as they play Chapter 1 (and much more successfully than we did last time).

During the stream, we will give you a few opportunities to win some cool things including a signed PlayStation 4 copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Tune in to this Friday at 4pm EDT to make sure you don’t miss all the fun!

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Reader Comments

  1. Has Bethesda Abandoned the Gaming Community, or are they part of the ESO Team.

    I mean, wheres Fallout 4 (not that i care) or TES6 or anything from Bethesda.

    • They are developing a next gen game, what do you think is taking so long? Skyrim wasn’t even completed with the time they were given which was around two years because the engine creation doesn’t count. Most, if not all of the faction quests were cut in half. For example, the College of Winterhold had you create the great collapse by touching the Eye of Magnus, and you had to have it undone. Also the Civil War was, and many other stuff such as an Arena. If it is released next year, that will give them around 4 years, which still isn’t enough.

      It’s a next gen game, so the landscape can easily be 3 times as big. It’ll probably be 1.5 to 2 times bigger. (1.78 times is Witcher 3 size, and 1.5 is GTA V size.) Though, I don’t know if 3 years would be enough to fully complete what they wanted of Skyrim.