Dishonored Goes Free (Willy) on Xbox 360

We’re very excited to share news that as a part of Xbox’s Games with Gold campaign, Dishonored will be free to download August 16th – August 31st to anyone with an Xbox LIVE Gold account!

For more details on Games with Gold, visit Major Nelson’s Xbox blog.

And thanks to biohackerCG for having the perfect fan art to accommodate this headline!

Reader Comments

  1. Own this game and loved it. Would love to have this available for ps4 if a new game isnt going to be made. Would have no issue buying it again. Best free game ive seen

    • The sales were fantastic for a new IP. Expect a next gen Dishonored. Pete Hines said it was a new franchise, so you know what that means.

    • Cool down man 🙂 Nevertheless, came out in 2012 20th Anniversary of DOOM… BFG EDITION!! Including first 2 titles of original DOOM games and REMASTERED DOOM 3 with 2 expansion packs – ROE and new LOST MISSION. After all, they wont making again, after 2 years release BFG EDITION, DOOM 3 Anniversary 🙂 BTW: I dont like, so ID didnt publish DOOM gameplay footage, but for the sake not hate. We can only to wait.

  2. Man, it’s good to know that some things never change and that the comments sections are still used for belly aching. To that end, when are plans going to be announced for pax prime this year, Gstaff? Will this year see a party?