ESO — Update 3 is Live!

Update 3 has arrived on the live servers today, bringing more customization, mercantile opportunities, and fixes to The Elder Scrolls Online. Highlights include:

The dye system is here, giving you the chance to add a personal touch to your armor. New dyes are earned by completing achievements, and dyes for those you’ve already finished will already be unlocked for you. Dyeing your armor is as simple as approaching a dye station and selecting your favorite color scheme. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Guilds have good reasons to be excited about the update, too. Guild leaders can now create custom guild ranks and design their own guild tabard. There are tons of icons, colors, and tabard shapes available, so pick your favorites and put your guild’s identity on display. There’s more: guild stores can now be found throughout Tamriel. On a weekly basis, your guild can bid on one of these locations. If you win, your guild’s store will be available to the public, and you’ll make some gold from the sales!

As always, plenty of fixes and improvements are packed in along with the new features. To get all the details, read the full patch notes.

Reader Comments

  1. Is there a plan in the Future for this Game to become GOTY with All Fixes and DLC, then to be Off-Line so it can become a Regular TES Open World Game with No $15 a Month

    • MMOs can’t follow that same method, it just wouldn’t work. Plus, much of the game is PvP/group based, so a lot would have to be removed. However, that’s not to say something like dyes won’t be in TES VI. Even though that would take a long time to implement.

  2. It has been three months since the announcement delaying the console versions of Elder Scrolls Online and there is still no new information. Why not? How about an answer to the question of when does the six months begin. Is it May 8th, June 30th, or somewhere in between? An update on the consoles would be nice.