On The Storefront: Nocturnal Guardian

Representing the most elite of thieves, Gaming Heads brings us the Nightingale statue. Celebrate your allegiance to the Daedric Prince, Nocturnal and the Thieves Guild by garnishing your collection. The Nightingale stands at an impressive 16 inches tall and is available in a numbered standard edition or a limited exclusive edition that comes with an illuminated base that reflects a water current underneath his feet.

The standard edition is available conveniently at store.bethsoft.com and gamingheads.com. Limited to 500 pieces, the exclusive edition is available only at gamingheads.com. Get one before they disappear into the shadows.

Reader Comments

    • Go into your SkyrimPrefs.ini and change iSize H=xxxx
      iSize W=xxxx to iSize H=1080
      iSize W=2560
      Something like this that can easily be changed wouldn’t warrant an update. They’re not working on the game anymore anyways.