Bethesda TwitchWorks: #EvilTakesHold of Twitch

#EvilTakesHold of Pete Hines.

We’d like to say that Pete Hines is our fearless leader, but when it comes to survival horror games, it probably apt to call him our fearful leader. And for that reason, we thought he’d be the perfect first guest for Bethesda Twitchworks to play The Evil Within. In the dark.

So how will he do? Tune in at 4pm EDT to to witness the fate of Detective Castellanos & Mr. Hines as they explore The Evil Within.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s Bethesda published, not developed. And Todd needs the time he gets, announcing without a release date can be disastrous. There was a lot of stuff that would of been finished if they were given more time. Read about the Civil War, the Arena and a lot more that was left out due to time constraints.

    Skyrim was not developed in 3.5 years. It was more like 2.5 years or less. They didn’t get started until after the engine was complete, and that was started after Fallout 3 was finished. The reason they haven’t announced Fallout 4 yet, is because they’re not ready. It’s a next gen game, so that could easily make the world twice or more bigger. Plus more quests and so on, and that can take a lot longer.

    I would personally want an early 2016 release. That’s so they can get DirectX 12 in, unless they can just add it in through a patch. DirectX 12 is pretty much a better looking 11 with additions, and way better performance. They made Forza Motorsport 5 run on a low end Laptop. (I am pretty sure it was that.) So imagine Fallout 4 on PC now.