Saturday Night at PAX Prime: The Evil Within Experience

In recent years, one of our favorite PAX traditions has been putting together off-site community events themed after an upcoming release (see: Dishonored, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Wolfenstein: The New Order). For this year’s event, we’ve once again joined forces with iam8bit with the goal of terrifying you with The Evil Within Experience!

Being held at “The White Room” in the historical Seattle Underground — a less than 20 minute walk from the PAX Exhibit Hall – the place will be prepped for madness as Saturday at PAX Prime winds down. From 8pm – midnight, you’ll be able to play The Evil Within! Enjoy food & drink, and soak up the blood-stained atmosphere of our event.

In addition to being able to play the game, our first 700 attendees will receive a PAX-exclusive t-shirt commemorating The Evil Within.

And as teased earlier today, courtesy of our friends at Xbox, three lucky winners will win a custom-designed Xbox One console using our designs from our reverse packaging contest.

We hope to see you Saturday night for an unforgettable and terrifying time!

Note: All attendees must be 18 years of age or older, and admission is not guaranteed. Attendees will be welcomed on a first come, first served basis. And next to the event, those over the age of 21 will be able to join us for an adult beverage at Doc’s — just few steps away from the event location. 

Chance of winning an Xbox One console depends on the number of participants that attend the event.

Reader Comments

  1. This sounds really amazing! The underground seems like the perfect place for the game’s setting. It’s a shame it’s at the same time as the Giant Bomb panel, which runs from 8:00pm-10:00pm at the convention centre…

    By first come first serve mean that once at capacity we won’t be able to enter? Say if we showed up at 10:00pm?

        • It’s not exactly a drawing for how you can win. It’s part of the experience. You might hear about other ways to win a custom console during PAX 🙂

          Hopefully you can still get int at 10:30, but it will be first come, first serve.

          • Regretful… All I have to say about waiting 5 hours for this event.

            Maybe this event is for us to find… The evil within!

            Well played… no just kidding. But seriously, this was a serious fail. Who really thought this could cycle 700 people with this event space and occupancy restrictions?? and just the plain set up… This should be an example for Event Planners 101 of what not to do. Beth you guys are so big, and done sooo many awesome events? Which noob planned this garbage?

  2. Just wanted to say I had the misfortune of attending this event and it was by far the most disorganized mess I’ve ever experienced.

  3. By far the worst pax event to date. Venue only held 50 max capacity. I’ve waited 4 and a half hours to get in and I came at 6pm to queue up. This is not what I expected of bethseda, since you guys always hold the best events. Extremely poor planning for what should have been the best event at pax. The event planners seriusly need to pick this apart and seriously look at all the things theyhave done wrong. Bethseda invested so much to give fans a good time and these guys just wrecked it.
    Ps. Be sure to have a firm vip list and why they are vip. The douche ar the door lets random hotties in if they beg

  4. Waited in line for 4 hours, finally got in. What a HUGE disappointment. Based on the address, I expected this to be happening in the Seattle Underground, instead of the tiny bottom floor of a building right beside the entry. Was expecting a party (booze wasn’t even at the event, it was a few doors down) – instead got a 5 minute walk through of a Halloween exhibit. Place was half-empty – not much of a party at all.

  5. What a crap night, they advertised this all over PAX, all over the net, we were lined up over an hour and a half a head of time, there was only about 150 people ahead of us and after 4 hours we left. There was no communication to the people waiting what was going on, they just kept letting in VIP passes instead of the normal PAX goers. Total disrespect for the fans, and the guy at the door was a total ass about it whenever anyone asked for info, ruined PAX Saturday night. I saw a guy throw his invites at the guy running the lines feet and told him off, I wish I had done the same.

  6. The biggest PAX MISFORTUNE EVER!!! Saturday is when the best PAX PARTIES occur, and I was unfortunate enough to attend THE EVIL WITHIN EXPERIENCE. I lined up at 7 pm. The party time was 8pm to 12am. The hosts were counting how many people were in line. I was #518 in the line up, so I was happy that I was one of the 700 to get a free t-shirt! Then I waited 3 hours, and the line was moving very slowly, and my friends and I couldn’t get into the party. We knew that within 2 hours, the party would end, and us and the others behind us and in front of us also would not make it through the line to the party. We then called it quits and left the line. I went up to the front of the line and a woman who offered to help run the event, wearing an exhibitor badge said that this wasn’t even a party, and that they only let in 50 people at a time.

    Before leaving, and officially calling it quits, I asked the lady if we could receive our t-shirts since we waited for so many hours in line. The lady said, “no, you have to get into the venue before we give you a shirt”. Which was total BS, considering how bad the line was, and not just my friends but other friends left the venue before they could receive their shirts. Total waste of time on the best PAX party day.

    WORST PARTY I EVER BEEN TO!!! I hope that in the future, Bethesda will re-plan and re-evaluate the situation, and try to accommodate everyone into the party. so in the near future, the situation wouldn’t end up like this. OVERALL WORST PAX EXPERIENCE EVER!!!