Update on The Evil Within’s PC Requirements

Last week we posted our recommended PC system specs for The Evil Within, and in turn, we received plenty of feedback. While we still recommend this benchmark to experience the game in all its gory glory, we also recognize the need to provide information on how you can play the game with a wider range of PCs.

Minimum requirements for The Evil Within can now be found below. You won’t be experiencing the game at 1080p and you’ll likely need to turn off some features, but you will still be able to have a great experience with the game..

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 7/8.1 (64 bit)

GPU: GTX 460 or an equivalent 1gb VRAM card

CPU: i7 or an equivalent 4+ core processor



If you meet the recommended specs, you’re in for the ideal experience. The game looks amazing with full-screen anti-aliasing, full shadow quality, motion blur, tessellation, SSAO, and 1080p visuals.

PC users can pre-order The Evil Within today on Steam — where we’ve updated the game page to account for both the minimum and recommended system requirements, or your favorite digital or physical reseller.

Reader Comments

  1. ah finally, this clears things up. so in order to play the game at 1980x1080p with max settings (all features turn on, nothing is left on medium/low/off) in 60+fps, the recommended VRAM is still 4GB, correct?

    As I asked previously, to have a GTX 760 with 4GB VRAM instead of a faster GTX 770 but with 2 GB VRAM, is still the recommended way to go, right?

    What the game needs is not faster clock but bigger VRAM (as 760 already exceeds the recommended 670) for smooth gameplay as intended.

    Just asking for reconfirmation b4 buying the new VGA and then this game 🙂

    Thank you for all of your effort. this game is gonna rock! finally, sweet sleepless days 🙂

    “experience the game in all its gory”

    • Nvidia GTX 760 is actually slightly slower than the recommend GTX 670

      Also, I personally would choose GTX 770 2GB over GTX 760 4GB

      Even Shadow of Mordor which says that it need 3GB for high texture, can still work on 2GB video card with no problem. I personally think GTX 770 will offer better performance in most cases over slower 4GB video card, and if you have to lower the texture for some few games, then that not a big deal. Thats just opinion

      • hey, sorry for the late reply. as you said, I did more research on the net, indeed 760 is basically only remodeled 660 Ti, tho’ some OC brand maybe give more boost on the clock, but it will never be as fast as 670. while 770 is essentially more powerful than 680, and only slower 15% from 780, and depends on the brand sometimes it’ll close the gap with 780 even slightly further. so 760 it’s really not worth it considering the price gap with 770, not to mention future proofing.

        after looking for best price my wallet allows at Amazon, I’ve decided I’ll buy GTX 770 with 4GB VRAM. EVGA Classified with ACX Cooling GTX 770 with 4GB VRAM. hope this is a good choice, at least in playing game port from next gen consoles, hopefully outlive them (bad port and lazy optimization is not included in the equation yet). at first I’m interested in MSI Twin Frozr Gaming OC, but the price…

        but in order to buy this I have to wait until next year till the sufficient money amount available 🙁 so no TEW for me now. have to be patient. in the mean while, back doing my job… I hope this TEW port isn’t too much of a bad bad port which even with recommended spec there will be some hiccups. I’m buying here.

  2. Bethesda you do not know how requirements work. The minimum recommend cpu is a i7 or an equivalent 4+ core cpu, The recommended cpu is i7 with four plus cores.

    That’s not how any of this works. You don’t recommend the same cpu or cpu with the same amount of cores on both requirements.

  3. well done! at least the 4 core cpu requirement is excused since most games now depend on that… but really this is gonna sort it out so people with 2 GB VrAM gonna be able to play this game Probably fully with just AA off… Great

  4. So basically the MINIMUM requirements for this game is the strongest performing CPU there is for gaming. This is weird.

    The thing about the huge textures in ID-tech 5 is that it pretty much fills up your vram, so most people should get the whole 4gb vram business (I have 2 gtx 780s 3gb at 1200mhz, and I feel weird about being under the recommended settings on ANY game). But its extremely lenient on the CPU. Wolfenstein was very playable on the low-end FX processors, known for their low-end core-per-core performance.

    What bothers me is that an i7 is pretty much a high end cpu. The comparable mid-range cpu is the i5 (still 4core) and overclocked, those babies outrun most stock i7s. Most gamers have traditionally settled for this cpu.

    So why not recommend a 4core I5 instead of a 4core I7? Have you taken all the pros from ID tech 5 (lenient on the cpu, demanding on VRAM) and added features that are demanding on cpu? That would be, basically, creating a worst-case scenario for any rig. If the intel i5 users are suffering from their core-per-core performance, this will be unplayable on AMD.

    • Dude, the ps4 and xbone run on AMD hardware…if this game was unplayable on AMD hardware then why would they still be releasing it for consoles?

      • Because the insinuation of saying you need an i7 instead of an i5 hints about singlecore-performance being of high importance.

        And AMD just isnt up to par in that department. Not competing against an I7 or even an I5 a few generations old. This isnt what I think personally, its a fact.

  5. Vacilaram feio o game mais esperado do Brasil não vai ter legendas sendo que o mercado de games aqui esta muito grande todas empresa lançado com legendas em português e the evil within não vai ter a legenda em português aqui no Brasil decepisionado :/

  6. It is sad to see how the PC version is just a port of the version of PS4. Clearly the lack of optimization on the PC platform. The PS4 has 4.5 GB of GDDR5 allocated to the GPU. Soon the 4 GB are not a “coincidence” ….

    Bethesda already showed before this less and less interested in the PC. Saying that the PC is a headache, etc …

    So do not expect a fluid game and well optimized for the PC, coming from Bethesda.