ESO – The Road Traveled and the Journey Ahead

1b49eca040df36f15ae4973de05c526bIn the latest edition of ESO’s monthly feature, “The Road Ahead”, Game Director Matt Firor first looks back at all the ways The Elder Scrolls Online has evolved since it’s April launch. With the help of the game’s amazing community feedback and efforts of ZeniMax Online Studios, the game continues to add new features, areas, and more that have improved the overall gameplay experience.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called “The Road Ahead” if Firor didn’t get into what’s coming next. With the article, he details what’s coming in Update 6. Both the Champion and Justice systems will have a huge impact on the game, and add long sought after features that will enhance the game. In the excerpt below, Firor gives more context to how the Justice System will change the game…

“To put this into perspective, the Justice System will include huge updates to the very fundamentals of the game. Townspeople will be considered neutral and be attackable, and many items that you could take freely before will be considered owned and must be stolen. There are fences who’ll buy stolen goods—if you can get past the guards while you have a bounty on your head. These are large changes to the game, and go hand-in-hand with our vision to add more freedom and sandbox-style elements to the world. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we just need to make sure that we phase it in carefully to ensure the best experience for everyone.”

Visit to read the full feature, which also includes the latest information on the game’s arrival on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Reader Comments

  1. I’m still excited and can’t wait. I think despite the general media whine, you will find there there are A LOT of people who purchased the PS4 just to play this. We are all a little disappointed, but after years of playing Bethesda games I know one thing about the team: they know how to deliver. It may take some time (which I am fine with), but when they do finally deliver, they REALLY deliver. Don’t let the nay-sayers drag you down, keep it up, and make the first console MMO WORTH playing (no offence to other existing console based MMOs intended).

  2. I feel like a royal fool for buying this game in full last February. Over $100 for a game that I will be lucky to get next April at the earliest. Whether its GameStop, Zenimax, or Bethesda, someone will sit on my money for nothing for over a year. Did I mention how stupid I feel right now. Thank god for Dragon Age Inquisition.

  3. At first I was really hyped, then the release date came and…..nothing. This IMO crippled any potential console hype for a LOT of people, myself and many of my friends included whom are fond of the skyrim series. There has to be a tremendous reveal for the console version because that monthly fee is seemingly less worth it by the second.

  4. When is the release date for xbox one? I’m seeing 12/15 now. I got the system in April just to play Eso. Bumbed that I spent $500 that won’t be out for another year.

  5. I really feel that the sub fee has really made fans walk out. I’m a giant Elder Scrolls Fan who has been loyal to the series but the subscription fee is making us realize the hole being burned in our wallets. Shouldn’t it already be enough to buy the game? I just wish they’d get rid of the fee because we’re already paying $60/year for xbox live gold!